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14 Gift Ideas Music Students Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift for a music major in your life? We’ve identified 14 gifts–be it graduation, birthdays or Christmas–that are sure to resonate with these artistic souls.

Musicians are often faced with the daunting task of transposing notes from one key to another. The circle of 5ths, illustrated on this ingenious ring, is a common way to approach transposition. The ring turns allowing the player to line up the notes correct to the key. A stylish way to stay ahead with music theory.

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Chances are your music lover already has a pair of cheap headphones. Give him or her a significant upgrade in sound quality and appearance. We recommend the Bose 35, linked here, for the sound quality and added benefit of best-of-class noise cancelling technology. A great idea for those noisy apartments or group living situations.


This authoritative musical dictionary is a must-have reference for music major. Whether putting class notes into context or feeding the inner autodidact, it gets rave reviews for its comprehensive coverage of genres and musical styles. It has less bibliographic focus for a reason: most of that information is available for free online.


These “upcycled” record coasters are the epitome of cool. Handmade in Philadelphia, the set includes 6 real vinyl records. Whether your music student is hosting jam sessions or chilling with friends, these coasters will get the right vibe going.

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Music stand upgrade

Most music students have cheap, flimsy folding music stands without much room for books. If he or she aspires to teach or perform full time, eventually a sturdier stand will be required. We recommend this Peak stand, which gets a great rating for durability while still being fold-able.


In the life of a music student, a baton will inevitably be required. Giving a music major his or her first baton is a special gift, one that shows that you not only value her interest in music, but what she aspires to become. It’s a gift you’ll be remembered for. We recommend this attractive rosewood baton and case set.


Show some spirit with melodic socks. It’s hard to go wrong with something everyone needs. Chances are they’ll be worn frequently so buy a few pairs.

A gift only a musical nerd will appreciate, the circle of fifths is a structure by which musical pitches are taught. It can take a while to grasp, so help him or her stay head of the class by keeping the circle of fifths in view 24/7.


Musicians typically lug around hundreds of pages of sheet music to lessons and rehearsals. Keep him or her organized with a smart portfolio bag that zips up to make sure everything’s safe and secure.


Get in the musical spirit with a fun coffee/tea mug. We recommend a travel mug that can be taken to rehearsals.


Help your musician show her love of music with a cool looking musical tie. Great for both special occasions like concerts, recitals or even everyday use.

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Recording microphone

A microphone will capture your musician’s playing for posterity, while also adding a fun new dimension to practicing. Recording oneself is a great way to improve playing. Just connect the microphone to the computer, download Audacity software (it’s free), and you’re on your way.


The History Of Classical Music In 24 Hours – This well-priced 24-CD set offers a comprehensive overview of classical music, from music of the middle ages to Brahms to Schoenberg. You’ll be the first person to say “I know that piece!”


She’ll love this tastefully designed musical scarf. Available in six different color styles, pick out just the right fit for your musician.


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