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29 Gift Ideas Trumpet Players Will Love (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift for a trumpet player? We’ve identified 29 gifts that are sure to please players of this hot shot instrument.

Complete with an accompaniment CD, this collection features favorites ranging from Star Wars to Superman. Your trumpet player will be in musical nirvana with this set of popular tunes geared toward level middle school and high school players.


This smart-looking tapestry is aesthetically pleasing to both trumpet geeks and non-musicians alike. Hang it in the home, band room or office — it will make any room look hip and cool. Printed using advanced digital technology, it comes out looking great.


A unique design available in three different alloy colors, this bracelet is the ideal gift for the fashionable trumpet player. Wear it to concerts or as a conversation starter among new friends — there’s no where you can’t go with this fun find.


This wall art depicts a real trumpet patent filed by inventor Alfred Johnson in 1939. A classy way to decorate a trumpet player’s room. It comes ready to place in a standard 11″ x 14″ frame (buy separately).


What is a BERP, you ask? Well known among veteran players, the BERP stands for “Buzz Extension Resistance Piece.” Basically, it’s a way to buzz and practice fingers without making a lot of noise. It easily affixes to the trumpet and makes a great little gift.


If a trumpet player’s lips are chapped, dry or burnt, playing can be adversely affected. In serious cases, they can be damaged and split open under too much pressure. Help prevent injury and keep them playing in top form with this lip balm designed specifically for musicians.


A funny gag gift for rehearsals or casual concerts, this mustache is sure get a rise out of folks. Pair it with a top hat!


For Bach Stradivarius owners seeking both musical and aesthetic nirvana, consider this gold trim kit designed specifically to fit the instrument. The kit includes value stems, caps, a water key and more. A special gift for your extra special trumpet player.


Help your trumpet player keep his or her investment in tip top working order with this care kit. Containing everything you’ll need, including a mouthpiece brush, polish cloth, cleaning snake, valve oil and more. Avoid expensive trips to the repair shop through the preventive maintenance available in this kit. The Monster brand is known for high quality products and oil – a cut above other cheap kits on the market.


Made from genuine leather, this grip will help your trumpet player keep control of the instrument in all conditions while protecting the horn’s lacquer from wear and tear. Wins rave reviews from customers for its comfort compared to competitors.


A classy gift for the female trumpet player, this sterling silver necklace comes with an adjustable chain. It’s well made and comes in a gift box. Something she’ll keep for life.


Widely considered the bible of trumpet playing, Arban’s method is 150 years old but its techniques remain relevant to this day. Includes the well-loved Carnival in Venice arrangement for trumpet. As it is progressive in nature, it includes something for every level of trumpet player.


Trumpet players already have a superiority complex. Why not help fuel this with a t-shirt that shows just how evolved they are? They’ll be strutting around with this shirt at every band practice. Trombone players be warned!


There are lots of options on the market, but the KM model stands out among players. It’s stable and holds the instrument down like an anchor – no wobbling or tipping over. Easy to fold and take off to gigs, every trumpet player needs this in the gig bag.


Perfect for bikers or walkers, this case is a top seller thanks to light weight and clever construction. It includes backpack straps that fold back into the case when not being used. It can double as a stand. And comes with mute storage. What more could you ask for?

British trumpet virtuoso Alison Balsom will knock your socks off. She recorded this CD using a natural trumpet – meaning it has no valves and all the notes change based on lip movement and interchangeable tubes. It’s a flawless performance. No wonder she’s been named Female Artist of the Year for the second time at the Classic BRITs.


For the trumpet player who has it all, consider this relatively new (2014) book detailing the fascinating history of the trumpet and its musical literature. It’s received great critical acclaim, with the Historic Brass Society Journal calling it a “thoughtful” and “much needed” text.


This finely crafted trumpet-playing skeleton is the perfect idea for a trumpet player who loves Mariachi music. Collect an entire set to form a full band!


Containing the hits from movies 1-5 arranged for trumpet, this collection of solos comes with a CD to play along with. Pretend you’re on the big screen! Consider adding a microphone so he or she can record the solos.


For John Williams fans out there (which include most trumpet players), this book of Star Wars solos is sure to be a hit. It comes with a CD to play along with, making the pieces come alive. Ideal for beginner and intermediate players.


Is your trumpet player a real cool cat? Look no further than this jazzy trumpet playing cat t-shirt. Available in 5 different colors, it’s light weight and available in both male and female sizes.


Look classier than the trombone players at concerts with a pair of trumpet-shaped cuff links. Also a great conversation starter at non-music formal events, from prom dates to weddings.

If your trumpet player enjoys jazz, look no further than this fascinating and candid Miles Davis autobiography. As a world-renown musician, Miles Davis not only tells the interesting story of his life but gives great insight into those with whom he associated – list of “who’s who” in the jazz world.


If your trumpet player is in an orchestra or planning for an upcoming audition, this CD is a must-have. Phil Smith plays a variety of excerpts and offers commentary to help players perform them optimally. A great, efficient way to learn the repertoire and nail the next audition.


About a third the size of a trumpet, a pocket trumpet is great for practice while traveling or in precarious concert situations (gig at a circus? Take the pocket). It’s also a good first trumpet for a young child. Let your trumpet player user it and pass it along to the next generation.


When practicing, it can be incredibly helpful to record oneself and listen back. The Snowball mic is a great intermediately priced option. We recommend the version that comes with headphones and a pop filter – a great package deal. Your trumpet player will want to get started right away!


The sound of the trumpet is so piercing it can go through even the thickest walls, annoying not only family but neighbors. The solution is Yamaha’s Silent Brass system, a mute that serves two purposes: 1) muffles the sound to a tolerable level and 2) reproduces the natural trumpet sound electronically via headphones plugged into the mute. One can also play accompanying music to record or simply play along to.

If the Yamaha Silent Brass is out of your budget range, consider the significantly cheaper Protec model pictured here. While it does not contain the same technical wizardry to transform your playing into a concert hall via headphones, it does the job of dampening sound while allowing your player to get some needed practice in.


Does your trumpet player enjoy listening to music as much as playing? Consider a pair of high quality cans. We recommend the QuietComfort for their amazing noise cancelling technology. When he or she’s playing, you might want to try them on!


What should you avoid giving a trumpet player?

1. A plastic trumpet. Often selling for a “great deal” at local music stores, these Chinese-made instruments may be great for fiddling around for the first time – but don’t rely on them for longer term use. If you’re looking for a new trumpet on a tight budget, one Reddit user suggests considering a used Bach TR300 or Olds Ambassador.
2. A band geek shirt. While trumpet players might be big geeks, they don’t like to broadcast this as much as their woodwind counterparts.

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