18 Gift Ideas Flute Players Will Love

Searching for a perfect gift for a flute/piccolo player in your life? We’ve identified 18 gifts that will be sure to tickle his or her fancy:

This sparkly crystal frog pendent is sure to delight your flute player. It evokes a fantastical whimsy that’s delightfully charming. Comes in a gift box with a ribbon wrapped bag inside containing the necklace.

$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD

A clever gift idea for the serious flute player, this deck of cards is printed with famous excerpts from flute audition music. Along with every standard card game, one can invite new games based on the music printed.

$8.95 USD
$8.95 USD

A funny pun on the word “trouble,” “treble” is a musical term denoting the higher octaves in which the flute plays. Your flute player and his or her band mates will great a kick out of this. Comes in five different colors and men’s/women’s sizes.

$16.99 USD
$16.99 USD

This tastefully framed flute patent from 1908 makes a great accent to any room. Printed on high quality paper made to last for years.

$12.99 USD
$12.99 USD

Have a great picture of your musician to showcase? This is the perfect frame to display a concert photo or other special occasion.

$26.40 USD
$24.95 USD

This Yale Musical Instrument Series book details the history of the flute from the twelfth century to modern times. Readers praise its expertly researched narrative that also includes various visual charts. A reader notes that the text includes some information on historic female flute players. A great gift for high school players and beyond.

$44.40 USD
$50.00 USD

Hang it on the tree during the holidays, then use as decoration year round. This detailed miniature reproduction is a cute keepsake that will be treasured for many years. Made from metal, the fine craftsmanship is a great value for the price.

$11.88 USD
$14.92 USD

Does your flute player love cats? Look no further. An adorable, unique idea, this stretched canvas artwork has the appearances of a premium quality print at a great value. Adds a touch of personality and charm to any room.

$29.99 USD
$29.99 USD

Playing the flute can be difficult, but it should also be fun. What can be more exciting than playing The Little Mermaid or Aladdin? Selections from this and dozens of other classic Disney tunes are printed here for a flute player’s enjoyment.

$7.74 USD
$12.99 USD

Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) grew up the son of a blacksmith but turned his attention to music, becoming accomplished across a variety of instruments – especially flute. If you’re interested in what it was like playing in the time of Mozart and Haydn, want to understand musical interpretation of the day, and want tips on breathing and performing from one of the original flute masters, this is for you.

$30.23 USD
$40.00 USD

This understated necklace goes great with concert attire or an everyday outfit. Your flute player will adore it!

$10.99 USD
$11.99 USD

One of the greatest flute players of our time, James Galway shows off his incredible energy and artistry on this CD – but what we like most are the unique song choices that aren’t often found on standard flute CDs. Introduce a flute player to something he or she hasn’t heard already.

$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD

Don’t be boring with the typical black flute case. Have some fun with this blue polka dot theme. You might start a trend and find fellow band mates jumping on the cool case wagon. Except perhaps the oboe player.

$65.00 USD
$49.99 USD

For anyone who loves cute penguins this shirt is a must. But add a flute? Your flute player will be wearing this all around town. It comes in 16 colors.

Your flute player will be delighted by these yummy chocolate “flutes,” but don’t ask him or her to try and play one. It will be gobbled up too quickly.

$7.29 USD
$10.27 USD

Put it on the back of the car, on a laptop or on the flute case. You’ll never forget about the flute.

Don’t let a flute fall apart. Make sure your flute player has the goods she needs to keep the instrument in tip top shape. We recommend a kit from Herco that includes tone hole cleaner, polishing gauze, pad papers and polish cloth — and importantly a how to guide for newbies.

$10.49 USD
$10.55 USD

Playing flute live is fun, but recording can bring a whole new dimension to playing. Help your flute player get into the recording game with a microphone that clips easily on to the instrument. This can also be helpful for creating audition tapes.

$219.00 USD
$219.00 USD

Have an unusually large budget for this flute player? For $15k, you can treat a flute player to this rare contrabass flute instrument that may also double as a museum piece. She’ll never forget you with this one-of-a-kind gift.

$15,719.00 USD
$15,719.00 USD

Can’t find the right gift above? Search more flute ideas here.

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