8 Gift Ideas Tuba Players will Love

Looking for the perfect gift for a tuba or euphonium player? We’ve identified eight gifts they’ll love:

1. Silent Brass for TubaWith Yamaha’s Silent Brass System for tuba, the all-encompassing tuba sound gets reduced to a faint whisper of its former self, allowing you (and likely this tuba player’s neighbors) to rest easy. While your resting, the tuba player can her himself through an electronic amplification system delivered via earphones. It’s a must have for college dorms and apartments.

2. Tuba stand – It can be cumbersome to hold a tuba, the heaviest orchestra instrument outside of the percussion section. This is why your tuba player needs a stand that will protectively cradle this expensive piece of metal while resting.

3. Tuba backpack case – Does your tuba player have an awkward, hard-to-carry case that’s liable to cause back problems later in life? If so, a backpack case can be a life saver. We recommend the Protec model linked below for best value for the money.

4. Tuba mouthpiece case – So your tuba player plunked down several hundred on a new mouthpiece and is protecting it in a zip lock plastic bag? That’s not going to end well. He or she needs this handy case that gets rave reviews for its level of protection and slim design.

5. Street sign –
It’s tuba territory! Make sure all visitors to your tuba player’s living quarters realize what they’re getting into with this street sign.

6. Beanie hat – It’s below freezing and your tuba player is standing on the football field waiting to play at yet another rehearsal. The cold metal of the instrument is surrounding his body. Brrrr. This tuba-embroidered hat will help retain some precious heat and make the other band members want their own too!.

7. Book: Mr. Tuba – Acclaimed tuba player Harvey Phillips‘ autobiography, detailing his fascinating career that led him from Barnum & Bailey circus to the New York City Opera and many other gigs. Perhaps even more than playing, his efforts to get the tuba recognized as an important instrument have had lasting effects in the field. He commissioned over 200 works for tuba.

8. Cuff links – Be not only the biggest, but the classiest instrument in the band with tuba-shaped cuff links that are sure to draw ooohs and aaahs from fellow players, who will likely soon want their own.

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