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14 Gift Ideas Clarinet Players Will Love

Looking for just the right thing to give a clarinet player? We’ve identified 14 gifts that will make your decision painless and the clarinet player jump for joy:

This wildly popular product is a must-have for clarinet players wishing to keep their reeds healthy and long lasting. Containing a 72% humidity pack, it keeps up to eight reeds moist and ready to play without the need to spend extra time wetting them. Your clarinet player will love this unique gift idea.
Clarinet picture frame
Have a photo of your clarinet player you’d like to highlight in special way? This classy, 5×7 inch frame is adorned with a detailed clarinet replica. A gift that will be treasured for many years.
The default cases that come with most clarinets are dull and not particularly versatile. The good news is new cases are a relative bargain and offer some nice bells and whistles – such as straps for easier carrying and storage space. We recommend splurging a little on this smartly designed Pro Tec Slimline case that gets high praise from players for its protection and sleek design.
A pair of instrument-shaped earrings will be music to your clarinet player’s ears. Wear this gift to concerts, parties, you name it – they will make her look like a star performer wherever you go. Help your clarinet player display her unique talent with this classy gift.
This adorable porcelain penguin will delight any animal-loving clarinetist. A great gift for both kids and adults, it’s a fun little keepsake that will prompt he or she will think of you.
This 2013 debut recording of 24 year old Andreas Ottensamer is packed with a range of works from the 18th to 20th centuries. Ottensamer’s resume includes not only principal clarinetist in the Berlin Phil, but acceptance to Harvard. The music lives up to the CV hype, reflecting an impressive skill of a rising star any clarinetist will want to watch.
Nothing will fend off an annoying trumpet player more quickly than this sassy “woodwinds rule” shirt. Better yet, this comfy shirt is made for playing with cuffs at the wrists giving the hands full flexibility. The entire woodwind section from flutes to sax will want one too.
The Clarinet
History buffs will love this book that details the rise of the clarinet from the baroque era to Beethoven to the 20th century where the instrument took on a new life in jazz. From The Yale University Press, it is a definitive, detailed account reading so we recommend for players in later high school and above. Unfortunately, it is often out of print and rather expensive, so if you find a bargain snap it up.
Containing a great variety of solos ranging from Beethoven to The Sound of Music, this is a book of solos your clarinet player will enjoy practicing. Great for performing at recitals or family holiday events to impress the grandparents, these timeless solos will never get old.
Stand w/ Light
Wherever your clarinet players’ gigs may take him or her, this trusty stand will handle just about anything — from the dark depths of a music pit, to a windy day in the park. Comes with a stand light, carrying case as well as a clip to keep the music in place.
Harry Potter movie solos
Know a clarinet player who loves the Harry Potter movies? This book of solos, including selections from all the films, is sure to delight. This book receives particular for its well-written transcriptions for Clarinet.
Containing 72 Disney favorites including A Whole New World, Candle on the Water, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, It’s a Small World and more. Your clarinet player is going to love these solos – and so are you!
Miniature clarinet ornament
This mini 6 inch clarinet is a great decoration for a Christmas tree, desk, bookshelf or practice room.
Maintenance kit
Proper care for the clarinet is essential. Included in this kit are all the basic requirements, from oils to swabs. Even if your clarinet player already has some of these, she’ll appreciate a replenishment.

Along with physical gifts, consider experiences for your clarinet player. Events such as the summer Claremont Clarinet Festival are great ways to expand skills and have a blast with other players.

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