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16 Great Gifts for Your 4-Year-Old Grandson

Looking for the right gift for your 4-year-old grandson? We asked a mom with young kids to recommend her top picks. Also check out our ideas for 3-year-old boys.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Let your little one help the pups on missions outside Adventure Bay. This land to sea vehicle with drop down wheels lets Ryder take his rescue ATV everywhere. With a hoist, an octopus friend and rescue ring slinger, no job is too big for this crew.

Spiderman Homecoming FRS Walkie Talkies

Take the hide and seek game to a new level, share secrets between rooms or just practice taking turns. These kid friendly and static free walkie talkies will make your little spiderman feel invincible.

Cyclone Kids Remote Control Car

All of the remote control fun, with none of the stopping to flip the car over when it hits a wall or makes a sudden turn. This RC 360 degree flip car runs right side up or upside down. A turbo button adds to the fun and with easy to use four way controls, you can confidently give in to his “I want to do it myself” moment.

Take his truck build to the next level with this interactive workbench. With bluetooth connectivity, the associated app works with RFID tools to animate the vehicle he is constructing. With free play, blueprint and interactive play options, this is a great opportunity to build skills alone or share family time.

Let your little one’s inner artist out while he masters advanced patterns and builds problem solving skills. Match the pictures on the cards or create your own scene. The possibilities are endless and the clean up is a breeze. All items store neatly in a box with the magnet board.

ARRRRRRRRRRRGG Matey! Thar be treasure awaiting your swashbuckler. Add some flair to imaginative play with a durable fun pirate costume. Pro tip: Turn that toy box into a treasure box and the toys into Pirate’s booty for a quick kid led clean up.

SainSmart Jr. Wooden Tetris Puzzle 40 Pcs

All the fun of electronic tetris without the screen time. Hundreds of combinations will keep him occupied for hours. If putting the puzzle together gets tiresome, they can always double as creative building blocks. Foster hand-eye coordination and technology free fun.

My First Science Kit

Empower your little scientist early. Create rainbows, grow crystals and explore science together. Passion for lifelong learning begins early, so remember the fun you had in science class and bring the experiments to your kitchen with this fun, interactive science kit.

Jurassic World, Stomp and Strike T- Rex Action Figure

Millions of years ago, 4 year olds did not have cool dinosaur toys and T-Rex was probably not fun to play with. Jurassic World T-Rex solves that problem with stomp sounds, a mighty roar and jaws that chomp with a single motion. Epic dinosaur battles, or just terrorizing a tea party, creative play will occupy him for hours.

Ourlife kids Waterproof Camera with Video Recorder

Not every kid will grow up to be the next Steven Spielberg, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have movie making fun! This kit includes a waterproof case and an 8GB memory card with plenty of room to capture his adventures. Run in the rain, jump in the pool or take the bike off the sidewalk, this camera can share the fun with the whole family.

LEGO Juniors Batman: Defend the Batcave

If the DUPLO blocks aren’t holding his attention like they used to, it’s time to upgrade to Junior Legos. Gotham needs you. Defend the Batcave with easy to build catapult and Batmobile. Heroes and villain included so the fun can begin the moment the box opens. But don’t worry, the Batcave has a jail and a phone, so the Joker won’t be going anywhere.

Did you ever wish building sandcastles could happen with les…sand? Kinetic sand to the rescue! The only thing this sand sticks to, is itself. Infinitely malleable, and able to hold shape sandbox fun can safely come inside. With dino figures and molds included, this scientific wonder is ready for water free fun immediately.


Turn your yard into the ultimate adventure. With a ball pit, basketball hoop, shapes to toss through and tunnels to hide in, this play area has a little something for everyone. Bright colors and multiple spaces invite imaginations to run wild. This set practically sets itself up, popping open in seconds and folding easily for storage.

Click N' Play Gigantic Keyboard Play Mat

Bring a concert to the living room while encouraging physical activity. This 24 key vinyl piano play mat has enough options to keep even the most gifted composer busy. Record, play, and choose from 8 different instruments including xylophone and banjo. Heavy duty vinyl and auto shut off ensure durability and longer battery life. He’ll make grandma and grandpa proud.

Hi Ho, it’s time to play.. Encourage basic math skills like numbers and counting. Spin the wheel and fill your buckets with cherries, blueberries, apples and oranges. Make family time fun and educational with this update on a classic.

Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset

With four levels, a spiral ramp and a working elevator, this garage playset has everything he needs to manage an entire fleet of cars. Tow them in (tow truck included) fix them up, “wash” them and send them on their way. A great addition to any matchbox collection, this set is sure to keep him entertained for hours.