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Top Gift Ideas for Every Musical Instrument

Looking for the perfect gift for a band or orchestra player? We’ve identified great gift ideas by instrument. We have 8+ recommendations each listed on additional pages, linked below. Browse and find the perfect gift for the band geek in your life.

Guitar: Guitar-Shaped Ice Drink Stir Stick – There is no one perfect gift for a guitarist because there are so darn many of them. But if we must recommend a fun one, it would be a special guitar drink/ice stir stick. Check out our full list of fun guitar gifts.

Trumpet: Silent Brass for Trumpet – If you’ve ever tried to relax in the vicinity of a practicing trumpeter, you know it’s pretty much impossible. See our full list of top trumpet gifts.

Trombone: Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player – This is a must-have for anyone who considers band a lifestyle, not just an activity. See our full list of trombone ideas.

Tuba: Tuba backpack case – Does your tuba player have an awkward, hard-to-carry case that’s liable to cause back problems later in life? If so, a backpack case can be a life saver. See our full list of top tuba ideas.

French horn: CD: The London Horn Sound – There are hundreds of horn CDs out there. The London Horn Sound stands out: it’s a giant horn choir of top London pros playing some screaming fun music. See the full list of recommended French horn gifts.

Clarinet: Book: The Clarinet – History buffs will love this book that details the rise of the clarinet from the baroque era to Beethoven to the 20th century. See our full list of clarinet ideas.

Flute: James Galway: Dances for Flute – One of the greatest flute players of our time, James Galway shows off his incredible energy and artistry on this CD. See our full list of flute ideas.

Saxophone: Book: The Devil’s Horn – Curious about how the saxophone came to be such an icon? The Devil’s Horn: The Story of the Saxophone, from Noisy Novelty to King of Cool is a well-researched account of the instrument’s 160 history. See our full list of saxophone ideas.

Oboe: Book: Oboe Reed Styles – For the true oboe geeks out there, Oboe Reed Styles will satisfy the never ending quest to craft the perfect reed. See our full list of oboe ideas.

Violin: Stradivari’s Genius – For history buffs who play violin, look no further than this fascinating historical account of Stradivari’s famous violins spanning 100s of years of playing. See our full list of violin ideas.

Piano: Adjustable Bench – Give a piano player the gift of flexibility. An adjustable bench will ensure he or she forms the perfect playing posture, and allows students to adjust for the right size. See our full list of piano player ideas.

How about a gift for the band director? Check out our list here.

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