12 Fun Geology Gift Ideas for Kids

Looking for the perfect gift for a budding geologist? Here are our top 12 picks:

Marvel at the natural wonder of the Earth with this National Geographic crystal growing kit. Grow real crystals in up to 8 different colors and put them on display in the included light-up LED base. Comes with simple instructions, 5 real gemstones as well as a fact guide all crystal geology.

$29.99 USD
$39.99 USD

Indulge your little earth scientist with this erupting model volcano. Comes with simple safe lava recipe, easy clean up instructions, and an informative easy to read activity guide.

$32.59 USD
$49.99 USD

Treat your up-and-coming scientist to real-life scientific lab gear. Teach them the importance of safe lab practices and help them dress the part with this white lab coat and these adjustable safety goggles.

$15.59 USD
$19.99 USD

Help your blooming geologist sharpen his or her skills with this rock and gem dig by the Smithsonian Institute. Have them dig up semi-precious rocks ands gems and identify them using the included tests for hardness and streak.

$13.99 USD
$14.99 USD

This mineral science kit comes with over 12 different types of minerals, a scientific magnifying glass, and a detailed fact book to help your geologist-in-training identify their specimens. Includes plastic storage tray.

$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD

This education balance game is perfect for the engineer or geologist in training. Teach your young loved one the importance and nature of balanced construction with this fun and addictive game. Winner of the Creative Kids 2018 Toy of the Year award.

$15.89 USD

A perfect gift for the earth lover of any age. This innovative 3D Earth globe jigsaw puzzle is an effective tactile learning tool that is fun to construct and includes countries, capitals, time zones, and ocean currents.

This 150 piece rock and mineral activity kit is an ideal gift for the rock and earth lover. Includes quartz, tiger eye, obsidian, fossilized shark tooth and even a Campo del Cielo Meteorite Fragment! Proceeds go to helping adults with learning disabilities at the Pearl Buck Center in Eugene, OR.

$27.95 USD

A perfect gift for the amateur scientist. Comes with all the tools necessary to conduct over 30 experiments and reactions. Learn about acids and bases, solubility, density, and much more. The handy 36 page color lab manual has everything you need to get started.

$35.99 USD

The perfect gift for the beginner scientist- a full LED microscope 80X 200X and 450X magnification. Comes with all the tools needed, including 9 prepared microscope slides, tweezers, specimen containers, scalpel, and a handy user guide.

Strike gold with this dig for gold science kit with real pyrite (fool’s gold) nuggets. Comes with all the tools of a real gold surveyor: a magnifying glass, a brush, a chisel and a detailed adventure guide written by school teachers that’s sure to jumpstart your gold rush.

$10.99 USD
$11.99 USD

Learn about the delicate systems that make up Earth’s weather and climate with this weather science kit by 4M. Generate clouds in your palm, study the effects of greenhouse gases, make storms using convection currents and even create lightning using static electricity through this complete and very hands-on kit.

$12.99 USD
$12.99 USD

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