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12 Gifts 12-Year-Old-Boys Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift for a tween boy? We researched hundreds of top choices and narrowed them down to 12 favorites he’s sure to love.

RoboticsU Ultimate Driving Vehicle

Your 12 year old will love not only building but programming his robot to bring it to life and teach it commands. This complete robotics kit comes with over 400 customizable pieces that provides hands-on fun for your child to learn about self driving vehicles. Easy to follow instructions make this a simple introduction into robotics technology while providing lots of immersive fun.

Make learning science delicious with fun experiments your 12 year old can perform on candy! The kit comes with over 40 experiments, an activity book, and lab guide – PLUS over 27 tools and ingredients for your child to try. Get them making jelly candies, crystal rock candy, lollipops and more as they test for sugar, compare dissolve rates and explore through scientific methods to learn more about the chemistry as they play.


Give your fidgety 12 year old a pocket sized gift that relieves stress from school and work and improves overall focus and concentration. The fidgeting spinner helps your child practice improving finger flexibility with 8 blocks and ABS plastic bands that allow for constant flipping and folding. It’s fun for hours and also completely noiseless!


Encourage your 12 year old’s musical nature with an electric drum kit that’s compact and foldable. The drums come with a built-in speaker, USB MIDI, and 3.5mm audio jack to connect with headsets, phones, or computers to play drum games. The two foot pedals offer the experience of a real drum set and the 7 drum surfaces allow kids to really experiment with sound.

Get your child feeling like a soccer pro with an indoor/outdoor soccer trainer. This lightweight model has an easily portable design. Built for durability, this device will help your child improve their kicking strength, power and form so that they’re ready to dominate the field during weekend tournaments. Since it’s also suitable for indoor use, and small spaces, it makes the perfect accessory for any season!

Let your child practice their hand-eye coordination and aim playing with soft foam Nerf darts. Compact in design, this Nerf toy has a fun rotating drum for quick release shots, slam-fire action, and 6 Elite darts. With darts that fly up to 90 feet, your 12 year old will have a blast for hours on end chasing friends and siblings around the yard, or creating homemade targets to take aim at.


What should you avoid giving a 12-year-old boy? We suggest staying away from clothes at this age. Tweens are sensitive about their appearance and it’s best to let them pick what they want.

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