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15 Dinosaur-Themed Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a dinosaur-obsessed youngster? You’ve come to the right place. We researched over 300 ideas and narrowed them down to 13 top favorites.

This stunningly colorful DK encyclopedia contains a wealth of illustrations and scientific details, explained in an easy-to-understand way. Contains exclusive illustrations of more than 100 species. A great book for a long car or airplane ride.
Your kids will go wild over this laser-engraved optical illusion projecting a 3D Triceratops. Comes with a remote allowing you to change to seven different colors, turn it on and off, dim the brightness and more. Available with other dinosaurs as well.
This adorable costume will delight your dino-obsessed youngster. Inspire his or her imagination and sense of play. Doubles as a halloween costume. Comes in two sizes and is ideal for children under 60 lbs.
Dinotopia, A Land Apart from Time – A book so visually stunning it may stick with you for life, Dinotopia is a classic that imagines an alternative world where humans co-exist with dinosaurs. The paintings, vivid and engrossing, accompany a story line in which a Victorian scientist and his son are ship-wrecked on an island where the dinosaurs exist. A must buy for dinosaur lovers.
Dinosaur Eggs
Chip away at these eggs and you’ll discover 12 unique dinosaurs inside, from the well-know Stegosaurus to lesser known species such as the Corythosaurus. Learning cards for each dinosaur are included, giving youngsters an enriching experience. Recognized by as a quality product for kids.
These soft, quality cotton pajamas are a great value and available in a variety of sizes. Buyers report their kids and grand kids are crazy about them.
Fans of the Jurassic Park series will go nuts over this superbly constructed LEGO set, featuring a dilophosaurus chasing an escape vehicle. Your kids will love simulating the chase scene. To keep him from jumping on the jeep, activate the explosion feature!
This brightly colored, two foot tall stuff T-Rex is sure to elicit squeals of delight from your dino-obsessed youngster. They might even think it’s cooler than the latest dinosaur iPhone app. It gets top reviews from buyers for its quality construction.
Dinosaur Color In Pillow
A unique gift idea for any dinosaur lover who likes to color, this machine-washable pillow case comes with a set of non-toxic markers that wash out for tons of coloring fun. Picturing a detailed dino-infested landscape, your kids will be busy for hours.
Does your kid fuss about teeth brushing and bath time? Make it super fun with these great dinosaur-themed soap dispenser/holder, tooth brush holder and cup. Who knew bathroom time could be so awesome?
National Geo Dinosaur Dig Kit
Become a paleontologist with this fun dinosaur fossil discovery kit. You’ll discover dino bone, mosasaur tooth, and yes even dino poop. Comes with a little magnifying glass and digging tool.
Cool Dino Shirt
Add some personality to his wardrobe with this fun dinosaur shirt sporting three bow ties.
40+ Piece Set Dinosaur Set
From t-rexes to triceratops, your dinosaur-obsessed kid will go crazy over this suburb and comprehensive set. Featuring not only dinosaurs but trees, rocks and mountains, create a complete landscape for hours of imaginative play. Comes with a storage tub for easy pick up.
This tastefully designed dinosaur backpack wins rave reviews for its perfect fit and water-resistant material. Great for a pre-schooler or kindergartner who loves dinosaurs but doesn’t want anything too big and scary looking. Can easily hold a lunchbox.

The definitive set of all four Jurassic Park movies, complete with an extensive list special features with behind the scenes details that parents will enjoy just as much as their kids. The box set also comes with some cool posters.