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12 Gifts 9-Year-Old Boys Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for the right gift idea for a 9-year-old boy? We researched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to 12 top picks. From Christmas to birthdays, we have your guy covered with fun choices.

Introduce your child to the magic of movie making with a gift that teaches him to shoot his own! The official LEGO guide shows your 9 year old the ins and outs of stop motion animation using 6 background settings, 36 LEGO elements and a phone, tablet or computer. He’ll also learn all about lighting, sound effects and camera angles to make his indie film a hit.

Let your 9 year old finally play with his food with this mini marshmallow sling bow shooter. Made of sturdy plastic and perfect for smaller hands, this slingshot device will launch marshmallows of all sizes up to 100 feet. Set up a target and let your child perfect his aim with using soft, safe ammunition that he can snack on too.


Let your 9 year old continue to play into the night with a LED light up soccer ball. Make nighttime play more exciting with a ball that can be seen from a few hundred yards away. The ball is impact activated, so there’s no need to wait for charging, with LEDs located right inside, and protected by rubber grommets that make it fully water resistant. This ball is built for durability, with high quality nylon wound cover. Batteries are included and easily replaceable!

Oversize Saucer Tree Swing

Upgrade from your old fashioned tree swing with this giant 40” saucer swing perfect for year round outdoor fun. This saucer is ultra-safe and built for longevity! With a load rating of 400 lbs, multiple kids can jump on and swing around safely. The swing is also weather resistant, comes with commercial grade rope, and has a hassle-free installation process that allows you to put it together and take it apart for winter storage if necessary.

Give your little astronomer a way to get closer to the stars with an Emarth Telescope. With high magnification and fully coated optical glass with high transmission coatings, this starter telescope offers great clarity and is perfect for kids and novices. Interchangeable eyepieces make locating objects a breeze and the aluminum tripod allows for various viewing positionings. It’s also compact and easy to move, so it’s perfect for stargazing on the go.


Get your little tech wizard coding early by teaching programming logic through fun gameplay. Code Master contains 10 maps with 60 levels to solve as well as guide scrolls, action tokens, conditional tokens and an instruction and solution booklet. With clear instructions that will help your 9 year old develop critical skills such as reasoning, and planning, in an exciting way your child won’t even know his gift is educational!

Nurture his love of science with this fun and educational Geode Kit. Inside are hand selected geodes as well as a 16-page guide that will teach him all about how geodes form in nature. Help him break the geodes open to discover the beautiful, sparkling crystals that hide inside.


This Remote Controlled Car is a retro toy with a modern upgrade. It features an exciting blue and black monster truck toy that is easily controlled by a handheld remote control. It works from a distance of up to 80 meters, making it fun for indoor or outdoor use.

Bring the wonders of science to life by giving him this incredible Robot Kit. This hands-on science kit gives him all the tools he needs to create a working robot. Once constructed, he can watch it perform amazing acrobatic tricks on any flat surface.

Dinosaur Fossil Activity Kit

If you have a future paleontologist on your hands, the Dinosaur Fossil Activity Kit makes the perfect gift. This hands-on activity allows him to dig up authentic looking fossils and learn amazing dinosaur facts in the process.

Scientific Binoculars

Nature becomes so much more interesting with these Scientific Binoculars. Featuring an impressive 8X magnification, they are adjustable, foldable, and include a convenient carrying case. Use these to introduce your child to bird watching, star gazing, and more.

Give any room an incredible atmosphere by turning on this fun Star Projection Lamp. Powered by AAA batteries, it features warm, colorful LED lights and a timer so it never disturbs his sleep. This toy is designed to make bedtime so much more fun.

What should you avoid giving a 9-year-old boy? Named by The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood as the worst toy of 2016, the View-Master Batman: The Animated Series Virtual Reality Pack will glue your child to a screen for hours. Exactly what parents don’t want.