25 Gift Ideas Piano Players Will Love (+2 to Avoid)

piano gift wrapped with a bow

Looking for the perfect gift for a piano player? Your musician will appreciate a gift that’s keyed into his or her passion. We searched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to 25 pianists will be crazy about.

Handmade in the USA by a California artist, this bottle opener is made from real vintage piano keys. Comes in an attractive pouch with a note certifying its authenticity. For fun nights with friends, this makes a wonderful conversation piece.


Your piano player’s entertainment need not be limited to the keyboard. These Germany wine glasses feature markings for notes on the major scale. Pour wine to the level marked, and the glass will sound the note. Makes for a lively, fun-filled gathering of music lovers. Order up to 20.

Prices vary

This fun Nanoblock kit includes 170 pieces that come together to form a realistic looking grand piano complete with little pedals. A great little decorative accent for your musician’s home.


Rated by audiophile blog SongSimian as a top loudspeaker specifically for classical music, the Bose 201 speakers use a proprietary technology to drench the room in sound rather than directing it in a specific direction. It is designed to more accurately represent the experience of listening in a concert hall, where you hear the sound reflected from different walls. The speakers are compact, making them perfect for a bookshelf.

This realistic-looking, 18-note grand piano-shaped music box will keep you endlessly entertained with its catalog of 454 different tunes. Lovingly made with a quality wood finish, it is sure to become a centerpiece in the home of your musician. Even comes complete with a matching bench.

Add a touch of sophistication to your home or music practice room with this light-weight, four panel art piece. Printed on quality, waterproof canvas and stretched over pine wood, it is build to enjoy for years to come.


Imagine the smile on your piano player’s face when he or she opens this card to discover a fun, 3D popup. The quality is great, so keep this card as a year-round decoration. A great thank you gift for a piano teacher, or congratulation’s card for a recital well done — the interior is blank for you to customize as you wish.


Earning top accolades from both the Washington Post and New York Times, Grand Obsession is a must-have book for the serious piano player. It tells the story of a woman who “falls for” a rare German grand piano, but when it arrives its lost its magic tone. She engages on a quest into the deep piano subculture to fix it. An engaging tale that will keep your piano play rapt for days.


Turn up the cheer with this book of 40 top-requested holiday tunes. Great for family sing-along gatherings. Rated easy for your piano player to pickup and play right away.


A unique and creative gift idea for the cheese-loving piano player in your life, this bamboo board opens up like the lid of a grand piano to reveal a cheese fork, knife and corkscrew. Great for a romantic evening for two or as a conversation piece for your next house party.


Turn an ordinary old piano into a concert-quality showpiece with this special polish. Not only does it make a piano look amazing, it helps protect it from wear over time. Keep it looking new for many years. Also includes UV protection to help avoid fading.


Most piano benches are at a fixed height, less than ideal for most players. Keeping a proper posture and hand position, over the long term, is important for musical development. An adjustable bench is especially useful of multiple people are playing the piano. A great value for the money, this solid, hardwood bench is comfy and earns top marks from users.


Containing 100+ of the best-loved classical piano pieces, this compendium will keep a piano player content for life. From Chopin to Schubert, from Tchaikovsky to Debussy, this book (and its second edition) cover all the top favorites in a quality-bound book.


If you’re seeking an idea for a new, younger student, look no further than this 3rd edition book of fabulous Disney solos. From Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah to Let It Go it covers 60 of the all-time greatest hits.


Another sure-bet for younger players, this series of 37 top Harry Potter soundtrack songs is guaranteed to get him or her excited about playing. Players say the parts are arranged well, facilitating good musical development.


Widely considered the definitive Jazz piano bible, this is a must-have for any aspiring cool cats at the keyboard. Written by jazz legend Mark Levine, the book gives advancing players the tools they need to become great jazz musicians. There’s a lot of information packed into this 300+ page book, from theory to musical examples. Will keep your player busy and energized!


This fun, 100% cotton t-shirt displays a schematic drawing of a grand piano for patenting purposes. The patent is dated Oct 30th, 1928. This is a piano themed t-shirt your expert musician will be proud to wear.


A stylish, hip yet subtle design that’s cool enough (or maybe too cool!) to wear down the halls of high school or college.

This tastefully designed, Sterling silver necklace will make her look elegant at any occasion. Comes with an adjustable length chain. Made by the Honolulu Jewelry Company. Great idea for a music teacher or young players alike. Consider it as a thank you or congratulations gift after a recital, or to accompany an important performance.


Give your piano player an extra special place to store her jewelry with this lovely vintage-style box with rose sculpting. A wonderful gift for your girlfriend or wife. You might also consider putting a wedding ring in here.


Add a subtle touch of musical personality to any formal occasion with these high-quality piano pearl-inlayed cuff links. They come ready to gift in a box and are offered with a 30-day free return.


Appropriate for both guys and gals, this lead-free pewter wrist cuff is printed with piano keys. Makes a great creative accent to his or her look.


This well-made tie will elicit countless compliments. Wear it to musical events, concerts or your own performances — it’s highly versatile and tons of fun.


A great holiday or year-end gift for a special piano teacher, this mug is illustrated with some pretty flowers and a message she’ll love: “world’s best piano teacher.” A wonderful way to show your appreciation. Consider filling the mug with some little candies and wrapping with a bow.


Even if he or she already has a traditional piano, an electric keyboard is a great gift because it allows him or her to play with headphones, plug into the computer to write/record, any other functions not possible with a standard piano. While no replacement, it’s hard to ignore the value for the money ratio with this Yamaha. Players compliment its sound quality and robust feature yet.


Full grand pianos can cost upwards of $100,000, but for a fraction of the price you can enjoy many of its qualities with a digital grand. This gift would be appropriate as a major graduation present for an accomplished player. It has a hammer action keyboard so it feels just like an acoustic piano. Produces a full, realistic sound with all the benefits of digital connectivity. We recommend this Artesia AG-28 model for the value for the money.

This cute, detailed ornament will look just as great on the tree as it will as a year-round decoration. Crafted with great attention to detail, it given includes lines of sheet music with tiny notes.


What should you avoid giving a piano player?
1) Anything too generic with other musical instruments printed on it. Show your interest in his or her passion by getting specific.
2) Rollup keyboards. You will see many of these for sale. While the portability aspect is appealing, they cannot play chords and are more frustration than they’re worth.