16 Gift Ideas for an Opera Lover

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves listening opera music? We’ve identified 14 ideas that are sure to please:

Great guide to some of the stunning opera house of the world. Perfect coffee table book.
$94.21 USD
$65.00 USD
Nothing is more classic for the Opera lover than a great piece of binocular opera telescope glasses. They are the true symbol of the opera and great item for the collector and lover of opera.
$29.95 USD
$29.95 USD
This is the perfect gift to spoil your opera fan with, or spoil yourself with! It features great quality of archival footage from 11 different operas. It’s something you’ll keep coming back to again and again.
$56.81 USD
This is a nearly endless collection of operatic performances. It has all of the essentials in perfect quality to add to your collection. It includes The Royal Opera House, Teatro Real, Paris Opera, Glyndebourne and The Netherlands Opera.
$117.28 USD
$149.99 USD
Opera star RenĂ©e Fleming’s inspiring autobiography earns a perfect 5-star rating by readers. Learn about what made her the international superstar she is today, in her own words. This is the real deal without any sugar coating.
$5.25 USD
$17.00 USD
This book is your personal guide to 175 of the top performed operas. A great reference to check before heading off to a show.
$63.29 USD
$27.50 USD
Madame Butterfly has always been at the top of the list for most beloved operas in the world. This picture includes a great art print of a scene form that classic opera. Great size.
$29.99 USD
$38.99 USD
This is widely considered the definitive recording of the Ring Cycle by Wagner. One can spend a lifetime studying the ins and outs of this famous opera cycle. This box set of the full cycle is an opera lover’s dream come true.
Opera is one of the oldest music generas in the world. Why not let everyone know your love of the art with this great tote back. You will announce to everyone on the street that you are an opera lover with this great tote back.
$18.95 USD
$26.99 USD
This is the ultimate DVD collection of one of Mozart’s most famous operas. The immortal and timeless Don giovanni, one of his master pieces.
$16.77 USD
$24.98 USD
Wonderful collection of top opera performances!
Music Words Napkins
When you have your next dinner party with your opera pals, you NEED to feature these napkins. Decorated with appropriate terminology, they’ll be a conversation piece as well as a functional object for your party.
This is a great tribute set for opera composer Wagner. The full set contains his classic pieces. You will be transported back in time to the Bavarian Alps every time you listen to this.
$150.73 USD
$249.99 USD
Opera Poster
Decorate the home with a great college that is made for the opera lover.
Covering a 400 year period, this book expertly navigates the rise of one of the most enduring art forms. Great detail on composers, going beyond the surface without getting too academic.
$2.99 USD
$24.95 USD
Know someone who obsesses non-stop about opera? This quality lightweight t-shirt says it all: opera nerd.
$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD