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14 Great Gift Ideas for Barbers (+ What to Avoid)

Seeking the perfect gift idea for a barber? Whether you’re looking to give your own barber a special gift or seeking an idea for a friend or family member, we have you covered with twelve top-rated ideas.

Containing three different lapel pins including a razor, barber pole and shear/comb, this gift set will add some personality to your barber’s wardrobe.
$12.99 ($4.33 / Count)
$12.99 ($4.33 / Count)
Containing slots for 14 different barber tools, this handmade leather roll will add a touch of sophistication to the shop while also making a great personal on-the-road case. Sourced and made by local Guatemalan artisans, it is a quality gift that will last for years.
A fun decoration for the home or shop, this 3.5 inch high metal barber chair is embedded with a little clock. An unobtrusive and creative way to keep time. Well crafted for long-term durability.
Made by hand in the USA, this set of candles includes three barber shop-inspired scents: Aftershave, Shaving Cream, & Talc. A fun gift idea for a barber who wants to add some extra ambiance to the shop or home.
You’ll love how he looks in this stylish hipster-style shirt. Creatively using the shaver cord to spell out barber, it’s a great design that he’ll be proud to wear to work.
We think these men’s barber pole socks are totally awesome. It’s a unique, unexpected idea that he will get a real kick out of – and actually wear. Fun fact: in the Middle Ages, the barber pole was originally used to signal that medical services were offered in addition to hair cuts.
Makes a great, tasteful decoration for the home or shop. The four prints are themed shaving, razor, talcum and scissors. They can be ordered mounted and framed of desired. A fun barber school graduation gift idea.
If you’re looking for a holiday gift for your barber, this quality hand-made glass-blown ornament is a great pick. Comes complete with a gift box. It has an old world charm that will be treasured for years by your barber.
Beards Poster
A great decoration for the shop or home, this poster features 30 different beard styles on an attractive vintage print.
A fun conversation piece at the shop, his or her customers will get a real kick out of this mug whose handle is shaped as scissors.
PopSockets make it easy to use your phone with a single hand. This barber-themed PopSocket will make your phone look more professional in the office (and prevent customers or other stylists from accidentally taking it).
This wall-mountable lighted barber pole works equally well as a street-facing advertisement for his shop or an electric interior decoration for a man cave. A great value for the price, it comes with an easy install kit and a switch to turn the interior striped cylinder.
Help your barber keep his or her equipment in ship shape with this foam-lined organizer. Holds clippers, trimmers, and all the messy wires.
$36.99 ($36.99 / Count)
$36.99 ($36.99 / Count)
This vintage-style barber chair adds a distinctive, classy touch to the barbershop that will help him differentiate and build a brand. A great gift for a barber just starting out with his business or considering a remodel, this fantastic chair will set him off on the right foot. Comes with a hydroponic pump and enables a 45 degree decline, while keeping customers comfortable with memory foam padding.

What should you avoid giving a barber? We recommend staying away from shaving kits, combs and other tools. Unless your barber’s asked for something specific, in which case, by all means, get what he or she wants.