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8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas a Geeky Guy Will Love (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s day gift idea for a geek you adore? The traditional, heart-felt gifts at the local drugstore may fall flat with geeks, who often expect a bit more intelligence. We’ve searched 100s of ideas to help you find a special idea he’ll love.

If you’re looking for the way to a math geek’s heart, this t-shirt is the formula. Available in 10 different colors, the shirt is pre-shrunk so it’s guaranteed to give a good fit wash after wash.
R2D2 card
This adorable R2D2 Valentine’s card is a must for the Star Wars fan. It reads “BLEEP BLOOP BLEEP” and is printed with a metallic R2D2. This is a card he will not just toss in the trash.
Is your sweetheart hooked to the video game console? Show him that you appreciate him for the gamer he is with this funny mug. Comes ready to be gifted in an attractive box.
Star Trek Keepsake Box
If you’re giving your geek something special, like a ring or pendant, consider putting it in this memorable Star Trek-themed gift box. It also works as a great gift on its own.
Spice up your relationship with this clever spice rack inspired by the periodic table of elements. Comes with 14 lab containers including 9 test tubes, 3 flasks and one large flask.
Show your deep, unconditional love that transcends even the most coveted mathematical number. He’ll get a kick out of his morning coffee each day while thinking of you. Perfect for a mathematician or engineer.
Dopamine Elements T-Shirt
The perfect romantic gift idea for the scientist or teacher in your life, this shirt spells out the chemical composition of dopamine, the compound responsible for good feelings.
Show him how much you love him by helping him understand his DNA. Spit in a tube and get back a detailed report about your DNA’s history. A geek’s dream gift, this is one he’s sure to love you for.

What should you avoid giving a geek?

1. Anything too emotional or sappy. It’s likely to either embarrass him or go over his head.
2. Video games. No, don’t fuel his habit so literally on Valentine’s day. This is about both of you.