12 Fun Gift Ideas a Dance Teacher Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

In search of the perfect gift idea for a dance teacher? We researched hundreds of ideas to identify twelve quality picks. Holidays, recitals and year end are a great opportunity to give your teacher a little something.

Burn this candle to reveal a hidden dancer within! Once the candle is completely done, the dancer makes a wonderful decoration on its own. A unique, creative idea your teacher will love.
$37.50 USD
$24.00 USD
This lovely charm bracelet is made for special dance teachers. You have four personalization options: the teacher’s initial, your own name to sign below the dance teacher quote, clasp style, and a choice of charms. This is a gift she won’t forget.
$32.50 USD
$32.50 USD
How many times does your teacher repeat “5,
6, 7, 8” when starting a routine? This t-shirt is sure to give students and musical strangers alike a good laugh. Available for both men and women.
$19.97 USD
$19.97 USD
Long Sleeve Teacher Shirt
Calling all cool hipster dance teachers, this unisex shirt says “miracle worker, helpful, creative, requires caffeine” and “100% organic.”
This inspirational notebook will melt your teacher’s heart. But more practically, a notebook is a great way to track students’ progress or simply keep a collection of dance thoughts or ideas.
$7.99 USD
$7.99 USD
Another notebook idea, this one specifically for tap dance teachers who take charge.
$8.99 USD
$8.99 USD
The perfect Christmas gift for your dance teacher, this dancing angel ornament is hand-painted and based on an original carving by artist Susan Lordi. Customers say it looks even better in person, with great detail on the dress.
$18.95 USD
$18.00 USD
A great group gift for a dance teacher, this poster gives everyone the opportunity to add a personalized touch.
$24.99 USD
$24.99 USD
This book is pure joy. It captures dancers in everyday situations, showcasing just how amazing dance is when juxtaposed against the reality outside. A gift your teacher will want to share with all.
$2.99 USD
$17.95 USD
It’s hard to go wrong with a cute pair of socks.
These fun, colorful socks will put a smile on any dance teacher’s face. Available in different colors.
For any dance teacher involved with the Nutcracker, these tube socks are a must have. Tastefully designed, they are a special holiday accessory to wear in the studio and to keep cozy at home.
This cute pair of tap shoes makes a wonderful Christmas present for a dance teacher. Small enough to hang on the tree, they are crafted to look like real shoes. You could add a personal touch by writing her name and “from” with white pen on the bottom of the shoe.
$9.09 USD
$12.95 USD

What should you avoid giving a dance teacher? Generally, we’d avoid dancer necklaces or other costume jewelry under $50, which are often designed specifically for kids.