10 Funny Valentine Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for something a little light hearted for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? Maybe your relationship is new and you don’t want something too lovey dovey. Or maybe he’s simply a funny guy. We searched hundreds of funny gift ideas and identified 5 top picks that are sure to give him a chuckle (and you a kiss!).

This hilarious card reads ‘They Will Never Find Your Body’ and opens up to say ‘As Hot As I Do…be my Valentine or else!” It gets a great reaction. According to one buyer of this card, “I used it and it worked wonders.”
$4.25 USD
$4.25 USD
Does your boyfriend love dogs and have a fond memory of Lego building? A great way to show him how much you care in a funny and unexpected way. Great for that nerdy boyfriend who doesn’t want the standard stuff.
$26.49 USD
Will you be mine?
With this gift, there’s doubt. He’s guaranteed to laugh out loud when opening these. These customization briefs allow you to print your name on them. As he heads of to school or work, you’ll know he’s keeping you close.
Let your creative juice flow with this fill-in-yourself “love journal” with pages such as “you deserve the [fill in the blank] award. Sure to bring out lots of laughs. A very popular item, this little book wins rave reviews from buyers.
$5.96 USD
$11.55 USD
Perfect for new relationships, this laugh-out-loud Hollabear is sure to elicit a funny reaction from your boyfriend. Unlike many bears for sale at the drugstore, he’s made from high quality material that feels like a blanket.
$27.00 USD
Turn a mundane bed into a cute and funny love message with these pillow cases declaring your love of sleep…and him. With 300 thread count, they’re comfy as well.
$28.00 USD
$36.00 USD
A great DIY gift idea. Pick out his favorite beer and put it in this fun Valentine’s-themed case. Whether Bud Light or special craft beer, this is a gift he’ll love you for.
$15.95 USD
$24.00 USD
If you happened to met your boyfriend on Tinder, look no further than this cheeky mug. Remind him every morning how lucky he is.
Is your boyfriend a gaming geek? Show him how much you care with this laugh-out-loud mug that reads “even when you’re 50 and still playing video games, I’ll love you.” If you’re looking for similar ideas, check out our Valentine’s list for geeky guys.
If you’re really at a loss, consider this card which reads “I had know idea what to get you…I mean, you already have me.”
$4.99 USD
$4.99 USD

What should you avoid giving your boyfriend on Valentine’s day?

1. Anything to “help” him. Such as weight loss-related gifts or other ideas that imply he’s not good enough.
2. Scrap book of memories. If he’s still your boyfriend, it’s too soon for this. Don’t freak him out.

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