6 Mother’s Day Necklace Gift Ideas She’ll LOVE (Under $50)

Looking for the perfect necklace for to give on Mother’s Day? We searched hundreds of jewelry ideas to find top-rated picks for every type of mom. From understated style to personalized fun, we’ve got you covered with ideas that won’t break the bank.

This special hand-made necklace displays birthstones of your family members, making a great mutual gift from the siblings or husband for mom. She’ll wear this and be reminded of your unique bond. While it is hand-made, it only takes 1-2 days to create and ship out.
$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD
This “family tree” necklace includes the option for both names and birthstones. The names are printed around a pendant with a tree, representing your shared heritage. You can include up to 8 birthstones.
$27.48 USD
$34.35 USD
This tastefully delicate hummingbird necklace holds your mother’s birthstone at its base. A great idea for a nature lover. It’s hand made and take only one day to create.
$29.00 USD
$29.00 USD
A design that’s sure to elicit a wow from mom when she opens it, this SWAROVSKI crystal neck is a stunner. Complete with a lucky four leaf clover atop, this intense blue heart radiates your love for mom.
$32.99 USD
$119.99 USD
A set of two necklaces symbolizing the eternal love between mother and daughter. Made from sterling silver and backed by a two year warranty, these are a great value. A great idea for your wife on Mother’s Day.
$49.95 USD
$59.95 USD
This real gold plated, heart-shaped necklace is the perfect idea for a classy mom. Customers rave that it looks just as great in person and is a super value for the money.

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