7 Jeep Enthusiast Gifts He’ll Love

Looking for a gift idea for a guy who is crazy about Jeeps? These all-terrain vehicles attract adventure seekers who get a high on life. Maybe you’re looking for ideas for a new Jeep owner, or a life long obessive. Short of the latest Wragnler model, we’ve identified five top ideas for him.

This quality cotton cap is adjustable for any head size. Subtly emblazoned with the Jeep logo, it will give him a rugged stylish look. It’s tough and can withstand plenty of outdoor abuse.
$19.99 USD
$29.99 USD
This smart looking keychain doubles as a bottle opener. Designed in the shape of a Jeep front grille, it’s the perfect way to start up the engine — and later on in the day, a nice cold drink.
$9.95 USD
$9.95 USD
Detailed Keychain
Call us keychain crazy, but here’s another we think he’ll love. A great value for the money, this stainless steel is precision laser cut to have a great level of detail. The maker guarantees this will never rust or break – so consider it a lifelong gift.
Written by veteran automotive writer Patrick Foster, this book is for the Jeep lover who wants a deep dive into a 70+ year history of this storied vehicle. Jeeps started out as rugged WWII modes of transport, thereafter making into the mass consumer market through a series of owners from Kaiser, AMC, Chrysler to Fiat. All the nitty gritty detail is here for him to obsess over.
$35.28 USD
$45.00 USD
Is he a bit protective about his Jeep? Help fuel this sense of ownership with a reserved Jeep parking sign. This 8 by 12 inch sign is made from metal and includes a hole at the top for a nail, etc.
$9.95 USD
$9.95 USD
Does your Jeep owner love to take his dog along for the ride? This decal is the perfect gift idea for any dog-loving Jeep drivers out there. The decal is weather resistant and has a lifespan of 6 years, longer than most car stickers.
$4.69 USD
$4.99 USD
This set of four posters depicts the original Jeep patent design from April 7th, 1942. Originally designed as a military grade vehicle, these diagrams are a great, tasteful way for your Jeep lover to put his passion on display at home — without it looking like man cave.
$15.96 USD
$15.96 USD