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16 Perfect Long Distance Gifts for Her (+3 to Avoid)

Whether you’re separated by school, military service, new jobs or other life circumstances, long distance relationships can be challenging to maintain. But with a little extra effort, you can keep that spark with your significant other alive. Gifts are a great way to bridge the gap between the distance, and serve as an everyday reminder of your special bond. Maybe your girlfriend or wife has sent you something special and you want to reciprocate? Or perhaps you have a special date, holiday or other occasion in mind. We’ve researched hundreds of ideas to help you find gifts she’ll love. Everything is available online with easy shipping. At the end of our list, we’ll tell you a couple gift ideas to avoid.

A wonderful way to literally keep in touch, the Touch Bond bracelet will send you a vibration when your partner touches his or her bracelet. The pulse will mimic the touch pattern, making it feel as though your loved one is right there with you. Through the app, you’ll know when you miss your partner’s touch and can get status updates.

These assorted lilies are sure to put a big smile on her face. They come with a vase to ensure she’ll have the perfect place to display them. There is also a slightly cheaper version available without the vase if desired.

$43.95 ($3.66 / Count)
$43.95 ($3.66 / Count)

This romantic gift basket features high quality spa products to help her relax. Bath salts, sea-harvested sponge, coconut balm and a candle are among the gifts featured. You’ll make her feel like a queen with this selection of luxuries.

Deepen your long distance communication with Facebook’s portal, which includes a smart camera that keeps her in view even when moving around the room. Recommended by Mashable for couples in long distance relationships, it’s the perfect way to stay in touch. Also includes built in Alexa features.

Personalized Coordinates Bracelet

Get your city’s coordinates engraved on this bracelet, giving her a subtle connection to your local. She’ll think of you every time she wears it.

Wow her with this boho chic gift basket featuring bath bombs, a lovely scarf, elephant-shaped ring holder, socks and a leather-bound journal. Comes expertly packaged in a box that sends the perfect message: hello beautiful. A stress-free gift idea that’s sure to please.

Travel Gift Card

Inspire a couples getaway with an AirBnB gift card. If your girlfriend or wife loves planning travel, this may give her the extra nudge to book that trip she’s been thinking of taking with you.

Rather than thinking about the distance that separates you, focus on the distance you’ll travel together as a couple. Inspire your girlfriend or wife to think big about your future travels together. Combine this book with a travel gift card.


Not just for Valentine’s day, chocolate covered strawberries are a nice romantic choice for any occasion. This box from Edible Arrangements allows you to create a personalized message.

While you can certainly play app games with her long distance, why not up the ante and try a physical board game over video chat? Battleship is one game that works well long distance because you can mail her one half of the game. It’s a way to bond over video without having to think of small talk.


This matching mug set depicts a guy throwing heart-shaped balloons to his sweetheart up in an airplane. Her heart will melt.

Keep her thinking of the next time you’ll meet with a countdown clock. A great way to visualize how the moment you re-connect is getting closer and closer. You can set this clock for up to 999 days.


If you guys are already video chatting with iPads, consider giving her a stand to make it a hands-free experience. She’ll appreciate the thought you put into making your communication time more flexible.


This Sterling silver necklace will charm her beyond words. Well made for long lasting use, it comes in a little black gift box. Makes a great birthday or holiday gift.


Your girlfriend will be delighted if you surprise her with a free flight to come visit. Consider sending her a gift card from her preferred airline, giving her the flexibility to book it herself.


More than just a camera, the Furbo tosses treats and connects to your phone to provide video and messages about your furry friend. A great gift for a girlfriend or wife who’s overseas and wants to keep up with her buddy.


What should you avoid giving her as a long distance gift?

1. Clothing. It gets too complicated to try it on and return if needed.
2. Kitchen gadgets. Don’t remind her that she’s cooking for herself, focus on gifts that make her think of positive things.
3. Fitness trackers, etc. Don’t give her anything that may make her question your motives.