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10 Fun Hot Chocolate Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Hot chocolate makes a fabulous holiday gift. We searched hundreds of hot chocolate products and identified 9 top picks that you can’t go wrong with. Whether you’re seeking ideas for a single present or a homemade gift basket, this list will point you in some tasty directions.

Hand selected by Oprah as a top gift pick for 2018, this adorable dark chocolate snowman is filled with cocoa powder and mini marshmallows. Place him in hot milk, and watch him melt into chocolate deliriousness.
Looking for stocking stuffers? These are perfect. With nine different delectable flavors, simply mix hot water with the contents of a sachet for an instant treat on a cold Christmas morning.
Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa
Celebrate the Christmas cheer with a rich cup of Stephen’s candy cane flavor cocoa. This unique blend of peppermint candy cane and sumptuous cocoa makes for a delightful belly-warmer, coming in a 16oz can for you to enjoy time and time again.
Indulge in a cup of authentic hot chocolate Aztec style the way the drink was first enjoyed. A fine blend of cinnamon, cayenne and vanilla, this 100% Fair Trade hot chocolate has 21 rich 8oz servings with a spicy kick in every cup.
A delightful holiday treat, this bundle of eight individually wrapped stir sticks make a great gift to Christmas party guests. The chocolate is surrounded by succulent marshmallows turning any cup of hot milk into a one-of-a-kind cocoa experience.
Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate
Experience hot chocolate like no other with Silly Cow Farms’ sampler pack of 4 unique flavors: Marshmellow Swirl, Chocolate-Chocolate, Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate-Moo-usse. With no milk or butter, these are a delicious lactose-free treat for anyone in the family.
This 6-pack Variety Gift Box is the ultimate way to enjoy a truly indulgent hot chocolate. Simply place a stick in hot milk for a cup of molten chocolatey goodness. With 2 Dark, 2 Milk and 2 Vanilla individually wrapped chocolate sticks, this is a delectable gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.
$24.99 ($4.16 / count)
$24.99 ($4.16 / count)
Hot Chocolate Mason Jar Candle
The combination of fire and hot chocolate is a beautiful thing. The USA-made 13oz mason jar contains a candle that burns with a mouth-watering hot chocolate scent, burning for 100 hours so you can enjoy its fragrance time and time again.
These high-quality milk chocolate peppermint stirrers are a Christmas gift to be appreciated by all. They are perfect when stirred into hot milk, tea, cocoa or coffee for an indulgent treat. Melville’s stirrers are made from the highest quality ingredients and are allergy-friendly.
Warm up with a cup of Swiss Miss Cocoa, choosing from Dark Chocolate, Caramel Cream, French Vanilla or Milk Chocolate. The 4 handsome tins make for an ideal gift, each containing 6 single sachet serves of powder to be easily mixed with hot water to snuggle down with on a winter’s eve.

Did you know? Up until 1839 when the chocolate bar was invented, chocolate was only served as a drink.

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