16 Best Weird Gag Gift Ideas for Guys – Christmas 2018

Looking for something funny, silly or all-out wild? You’ve come to the right place. We researched hundreds of good gag gift ideas and narrowed them down to 16 rave-worthy picks for that crazy guy in your life. Enjoy.

In Germany, there is a practice of hiding a pickle in the tree. The child who finds it enjoys a year of good fortune. But there’s no hiding from this yodeling pickle! He has a motion sensor that activates a hilarious yodeling routine.
$8.99 USD
$10.04 USD
This wildly popular mug by BigMouth Inc is the perfect way to enjoy a Christmas morning cup of hot, ummmm, chocolate. Makes a great year-round coffee mug, adding a little humor to each morning.
$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD
A practical gag gift for the shower, this weener cleaner will keep him nice and fresh.
$9.99 USD
$11.99 USD

Any cat lover with a sense of humor won’t be able to resist this hilarious collection of poems. ‘I Could Pee On This’ is packed full of cheeky poems written from a cat’s perspective. They brilliantly sum up the craziness of cats, such as ‘This is my chair’ and ‘Who is that in your lap?’. Perfect for an entertaining gift at Christmas or on any special occasion.
$0.49 USD
$12.95 USD

Make toilet time into a gag with this ridiculously funny Trump toilet roll talker. Omitting one of eight of Trump’s most famous sayings when you pull on the toilet roll, this is a prank that will have anyone in stitches regardless of who they support.
$9.95 USD

Add a touch of novelty to your gift-giving with this clever iDrive prank gift box. Your receiver will be in disbelief when they see the ridiculous iDrive packaging, bringing confusion and then eventual hilarity when they open it to reveal your real gift inside.
$7.99 USD
$9.95 USD

Give your gift box a unique and hilarious twist with the ‘Bathe & Brew’ prank pack. The bizarreness of the ‘Bathe & Brew’ device is bound to entertain, with convincing marketing images on the outside! Your real gift waiting inside, this is a classic gag that will add some light-hearted entertainment to your gift-giving.
$7.74 USD
$7.98 USD

Creating candles from your earwax- sounds plausible enough right? Pack your real gift inside ‘Emma Dean’s Earwax Candle Kit’ and just wait for the laughter as you give it to your unsuspecting receiver. A fantastic way to brighten up your gift-giving.
$7.97 USD

With four dirty and naughty quotes, this is an ideal gift for any adult with a naughty side. This classic gingerbread man has had a risqué little twist and is all ready to go with batteries included. A perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas-time gift, best kept out of the hands of children.
$18.99 USD
$18.99 USD

The classic garden gnome has had a cheeky re-work that will leave people in stiches- this little guy makes his own rules. A perfect size for the garden, home or office, here is a prank item everybody will be able to appreciate.
$9.95 USD
$19.89 USD

A follow-up to the wildly-successful ‘Screw You, I’m Coloring’ book, this book is designed to make you laugh, rest and relax. An ideal gift or investment for your relaxation, you will be amazed at the joys brought by coloring in the naughty words and expressions.
$4.89 USD
$5.99 USD

A novel yet functional prank gift, ’50 Shades of Chicken’ is an entertainingly accurate parody of the classic novel. Filled with plenty of innuendos and 50 delectable recipes, this is an ideal gift to a fan of the original or any amateur chef with a sense of humor.
$5.38 USD
$19.99 USD

Stop any bottle with Constipated John, a hilarious gift for alcohol drinkers and chefs alike-taking away some of the serious side of constipation! The patented design is complete with lifetime warranty, guaranteed to bring laughs for life.
$15.95 USD

If you’re looking for a gag gift anybody will appreciate, look no further than this bag of Trump hair. The banana-flavored cotton candy is all-natural and bound to brighten up the day of anyone, young or old with 3oz of delectable Trump Hair.
$10.49 USD

What could be more delicious than a bag of unicorn farts? With 3oz of irresistible cotton candy, this is a gift that will put a smile on your friend’s face before they’ve even tried it. From granddaughters to uncles, here’s a gag gift you can brighten up anybody’s day with.

Your cat will never look more adorable than when it’s wearing this lion mane costume. Fitting cats or small dogs up to 35cm in neck diameter, give this truly unique gift to someone with an eye for cute creatures or dress up your own kitty. Love lions? Check out our lion-themed gift ideas.
$10.97 USD
$24.99 USD