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11 Quirky and Fun Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $60)

Looking for something unique that won’t break the bank? The gift ideas we’re highlighting here, all under $60, can cost twice as much at boutiques. Enjoy.

1. Glass Storm Forecast Predictor Bottle – As winter clouds descend, it’s easy to feel gloomy. But why not make the bad weather fun with a storm prediction barometer? The container holds water and camphor, which turns a grey misty color when a storm’s a brewing. Scroll further to see price.

2. Bath Bomb Gift Set – Cheaper than bath bombs sold at Lush, the Oliver Rocket set of 6 is of great quality, with a variety of lovely smells that will be appreciated by both young and old. But the real fun is the fizz!

3. Planter/Pen Holder – Perfect way to liven up a drab desk with this planter that doubles as a pen holder. Great for succulents or other small plants.

4. Steel feather bookmark – This innovative steel design bends like a feather but will flatten once placed inside a book. Available in a number of colors, it’s a beautiful gift for a book lover.

5. “Switch” salt/pepper shaker – If you have a tech geek on your list who loves food, this computer switch salt and pepper shaker is the perfect gift.

6. ViewMaster – For the kid or nostalgic adult on your list, this slide viewer toy was very popular in the 1950s. It comes with a set of round disks that contain slides viewable through the view finder. A great way to remind kids what play was like before apps, or to relive your own childhood.

7. Record Player – A record player is an unexpected gift that will be greeted with delight by adults and great wonder by kids born after 1990. We recommend the ION Audio Archive LP that has built in speakers and an attractive wood finish, linked below.

8. Metallic balloon dog replica – Add some fun and whimsy to a room with this shiny metal recreation of a balloon dog. Sure to be a hit at home or the office.

9. Plush sloth – These slow, loveable creatures look so cuddly but it’s better to hug a plush, soft stuffed sloth, such as Wild Republic’s Cuddlekin. Something your whole family (pets included) will want to hold and play with.

10. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem – This hand-blown glass enclosed ecosystem contains marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms that survive without interference for 2-3 years. A great, surprising gift for anyone on your list.

11. Octopus teapot – Grab a tentacle to pour! This fun teapot from Blue Sky Ceramic wins extra points due to its natural looking octopus hanging out on its edge.

Extra bonus: Peach Soap Treat – Just because it looks so good!

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