19 Unique Father’s Day Gifts Under $20 He’ll LOVE

Looking for a cheap Father’s Day gift idea? We’ve researched hundreds of ideas and identified top budget-friendly picks for the dad who has everything. All are available with fast shipping on Amazon.

For a Star Wars fan

Darth Vader Father’s Day T-Shirt – Does he love Star Wars? Turn dad into a Jedi master with this awesome Darth Vader t-shirt. Made from quality fabric and available in a variety of sizes, it’s a fashionably comfortable way to express his inner geek.

List Price: $27.49 USD
Sale Price: $22.99 USD

For a military dad

Tactical Pen for Self Defense – If you have a dad versed in the arts of combat, consider this cool “self defense” pen produced by a Marine Corps vet owned company. It’s built like a tank and ready for battle!

List Price: $14.97 USD
Sale Price: $14.97 USD

For a golfer

Golf Ball Pick-Up – Keep his back from breaking with this golf ball picker upper. Fits on top of most putter grips, making it great for retrieving golf balls from bushes or other tricky spots.

List Price: $2.99 USD
Sale Price: $1.99 USD

For a fisherman

Digital Fish Measure/Weigher – This portable weigher is a great gift idea for a dad who would rather be fishing. Comes complete with built in measuring tape.

List Price: $10.99 USD
Sale Price: $10.99 USD

For a proud dad

The Legend Mug – Show dad how appreciated he is with this mug that will make him feel like a real champ. He’ll be smiling every morning and thinking of you when he uses it.

List Price: $17.99 USD
Sale Price: $17.99 USD

For a sweet tooth
Dad’s Ice Cream Plow – Does he like to sneak into the freezer to nibble the ice cream? Or does he gobble it all up in front of everyone? However he rolls, your sweet tooth dad will love this ice cream “plow” spoon!

From a dad with sense of humor

Dear Dad… Mug – Show your father how much you appreciate him putting up with the messy, spoiled ways of your brother or sister. Signed, your favorite. The whole family will get a good laugh.

List Price: $11.99 USD
Sale Price: $11.99 USD

For a tool nut

Portable Tool Case – Dad probably already has a big bulky tool case. But this is often overload when on the go. This small case is the perfect place to store fragile or sharp tools like meters, wire cutters, etc while in the field.

List Price: $24.34 USD
Sale Price: $18.22 USD

For a photographer

Night Photography Guide – Even experienced photographers can struggle to get the perfect night shot. This guide walks you through the basics to achieve that perfect starry sky photo. Watch out, the Instagram and Facebook likes will be pouring in.

List Price: $21.95 USD
Sale Price: $1.99 USD

For a classic car enthusiast

Guide to car attractions/museums – Inspire your dad to take a road trip to some of the top car-related attractions around the country. This book might give the whole family ideas for future vacation spots.

List Price: $19.95 USD

For a outdoorsy dad

Portable Lantern with Ceiling Fan – A great value for the price, this is the perfect gift idea for a dad who loves to camp. Keep the tent well lit while staying cool and keeping stale odor to a minimum. We bet he’s never seen anything like it.

List Price: $29.99 USD
Sale Price: $16.99 USD

For a gadget geek
Mini Drone – This fully functional mini drone is a great way for dad to test pilot his maneuvering skills before upgrading to a full size drone. Has the added benefit of being able to fly indoors. Can’t beat the price.

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