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15 Best Desk Accessories to Make You Happy at Work

Looking for the perfect desk accoutrements but don’t know where to start? We’ve searched hundreds of ideas, filtering out all things bland and uninspired, to help you transform a workspace into something special. Whether you’re looking for a gift idea for a colleague or want to deck out your own space, we’ve got you covered with these awesome ideas.

Every office desktop is reinvigorated by a touch of nature. This stylish planter is made from solid concrete for a subtly stylish touch. Breathe life into your desktop with this functional item, storing your pens and small items on its terrace.

Experience the age-old Japanese tradition of bonsai with this beautiful miniature juniper. A resilient tree that will suit most climates, it will add a touch of Zen to your patio, balcony or any sun-soaked indoor location.

Cat Post-it Note Dispenser
Stylize your workplace with this gorgeous cat Post-it note dispenser. Including a pack of standard 3×3 inch notes, this little kitty will liven up your desktop and bring a smile to your face every time you reach for a note.

This tree is an elegant way to display your photos, jewelry, notes and more. Made from stamped metal with a high-gloss finish, the tree is an attractive way to personalize any office or home space with your items.

A truly unique addition to any tabletop, enjoy watching the tiny shrimp dart about this ecosystem. The tiny ecosystem is self-sufficient and survives on the light that enters the hand-blown glass, inspiring thought in your home or office space.

Tabletop Zen Sand/Rock Garden
A simple way to unwind, this tabletop garden offers Zen-like relief from the stresses of your day. The quality wooden frame is filled with fine sand, perfect for creating intricate designs using the rake. A thoughtful gift to friends, family or co-workers.

The wonder of the solar system is captured in this delicate sphere. It fits snugly in the palm of your hand with its 3-inch diameter, complete with a wooden stand for placing near anyone with an interest in outer space.

This stunning aged brass piece is a fully-functional USB PC keyboard in the weathered Victorian steampunk style. Its handcrafted materials will stand the test of time with sturdy typewriter-style keys, and it is complete with Cherry MX Switches and FN Media controls. An item that will make your workstation or home PC timelessly unique.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser
An adorable addition to your desk, the white unicorn’s rainbow main and golden horn are a cheerful touch. The plastic tape dispenser includes rainbow-colored tape and makes for a great gift for those fond of unicorns (or anything cute).

Children and adults alike will enjoy the tactile experience of shaping and molding sand in this box. 9.5×9.5 inches, the box is made from natural wood, making it an appealing and attractive desk toy for an enjoyable distraction.

Dinosaur Phone Holder
Not only cute but versatile; this little dinosaur will hold almost every variety of smartphone and tablet conveniently with its compact yet generous dimensions. Made from high-grade silica gel, this is a durable and resilient item for your home or office.

Jazz up your bookshelf with this edgy ‘Fred the End’ bookend, making books appear to fall on the silhouetted figure. You or your visitors can admire the quirky bookend standing alone at the end of your shelf, serving as a functional ice-breaker.

Hand Pencil Cup Holder
A fun but practical desk accessory, find your pencils quickly with this novel pencil holder that sits stably on your home or office desk. The hand’s matte black tone is a tasteful contrast to the bright green cup, both of which are made from high-quality plastic.

Gold Turtle Box
Designed by Harry Allen for Area Ware, this is a charming box for storing jewelry or sculpture for your desktop. The elegant turtle is made from crushed marble and resin and is a handsome gift.

Dino Memo Holder
This cute little dinosaur helps you to stay on task, bringing order to your workspace and displaying your reminders. Pens, pencils, clips and notes- this cute little dinosaur can handle them all with a pin clip jaw to hold your post-it note memos.