15 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts from Daughters (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift idea for dad on Father’s Day? As his daughter, you want something tasteful that speaks to both your authentic personality and your father’s interests. We researched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to fifteen great picks daughters should consider for their dads. All available with quick shipping on Amazon, many with last-minute options.

This set of all-natural products includes shaving cream, aftershave, hand salve, body wash and Bert’s Bees signature Beeswax Lip Balm. Keep dad clean and looking good! A perfect gift idea from his daughter.
$25.00 USD
Looking for a gift for you and your sister to give jointly? This funny t-shirt reads “you can’t scare me, I have two daughters.” He’s sure to get a chuckle out of this one.
$19.99 USD
This frame is a cut above other competitors in both design and build quality. We like the simple message, spelled out in metal letters, that does not overly distract from the photo you choose. Perfect for a 4×6 inch picture.
$10.95 USD
$16.99 USD
Artisan crafted in Tennessee, this fantastic-smelling soy wax bacon and bourbon candle will add a touch of masculine class to his man cave. Made to burn cleanly, it’s long lasting at about 40-50 hours for this 8 ounce version.
$15.95 USD
$15.95 USD
Designed by artist Susan Lordi, this hand-painted wood carving is a lovely gift dad will cherish forever. It comes in a nice box with a card that reads “Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters.”
$24.16 USD
$35.00 USD
Calling all mom’s with young daughters. Buy this cute t-shirt for your daughter to wear when dad wakes up on Father’s Day. It will put a big smile on his face.
$18.99 USD
$18.99 USD
Let your creative juices flow with this mad-lib style book containing easy prompts, eliciting all the great things you love about your father. A great personalized gift that really feels personal. You can mix in funny and heartfelt phrases to taste.
$9.95 USD
$10.20 USD
Give dad the gift of relaxation. This highly-rated neck massage pillow helps ease tense muscles with four 3D rotating massage balls. Portable for use anywhere from the home, car, to the office.
$39.95 USD
$39.95 USD
Does your father have a beard that could look even nicer with a little TLC? This “complete grooming set” will give him all the tools he needs including a beard comb, trimming scissors, unscented beard oil, and more.
Fitness Tracker
It’s almost summer, the perfect time to give dad a fitness tracker for all his outdoor activities. We recommend this “Willful Fitness Tracker” for the value for the money. It includes a next generation heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring, and the ability to track different activity types from cycling to running. At just around $30, you might want one for yourself too.
A great gift for a new dad, to remind him of the special bond he shares with his daughter. Or, you may be getting older and have a life of your own. So this could also remind dad how much he means to you.
$13.99 USD
$13.99 USD
This touching fishing hook is imprinted with “I love you more than you love fishing.” Sure to give him a warm smile and a good chuckle, it’s a great gift from daughters to their fisherman dads.
$13.96 USD
$13.96 USD
This funny shirt reads “I’m a proud dad of a freaking awesome daughter…yes, she bought me this shirt.” He’ll get a real kick out of this, and so will your family and friends!
$16.90 USD
$16.90 USD
Does your dad enjoy music along with some peace and quiet? If you’ve never tried Bose’s noise cancelling technology, you’re in for a surprise. Jet engines turn from a roar to a distant hum. This over-ear pair are one of Bose’s best sellers and significantly discounted from their original pricing. A gift he’ll actually use all the time.
$174.00 USD
$299.95 USD
For dads who love to cook, these grilling spices will turn a boring cut of meat into a taste sensation. Gift a gift that doesn’t just benefit dad, but everyone he cooks for! It’s the perfect time of year to get him going on the grill.
$24.99 USD
$24.99 USD

What should daughters avoid giving their fathers? We recommend steering away from the following ideas:
1. Rings, other types of male jewelry. Leave this to your mom.
2. Tool sets. This is pretty cliche and you may not know exactly what he wants.

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