16 Quality Italian Gift Ideas (+ 2 to Avoid)

italian gift

Looking to give a friend, family member or colleague a taste of Italy? We researched over 300 Italy-themed gift ideas and identified 14 that are sure garner a big “grazie.”

Described as “inspiring” by the Daily Telegraph, this 120-recipe cookbook features interesting, authentic and attainable ideas ranging from scallops with lemon and peppermint to orange spritz. The book itself is a work of art, making it a fabulous gift for someone of great taste.

$29.49 USD
$50.00 USD

For the worldly man in your life, consider this Italian leather toiletry bag that’s perfect for traveling. Earning top marks for build quality, the bag unfolds and can be hung in the bathroom for easy access to items. While compact, there is a lot of space to fit his shaving items, oral care and more.

$44.95 USD
$65.00 USD

Turn your dining experience into something special with this Italian Parmesan cheese grater. The wooden drawer opens allowing you to efficiency grate the cheese and distribute it among the guests. The metal top is easily detachable to put in the dishwasher.

$59.00 USD
$59.00 USD

Bocce ball is a fun lawn sport that involves throwing Bocce balls to get a close to the target ball as possible. Simple to play yet addictive, it’s great for families and parties. You’ll need about 16 ft of flat lawn space to play. This top-of-the-line set is made in Italy by the supplier of the world bocce championships and gets rave reviews.

$134.99 USD
$134.99 USD

These distinctive Italian espresso maker originated in the 1950s. Add cold water and course-ground coffee beans for a cultured variation on the typical espresso. In fact in Italy it is called a moka pot, not espresso.

$27.99 USD
$27.99 USD

Imported from Italy, these deliciously crunchy cookies blend almond and spice. Go great with ice cream, coffee or tea. Each cookie is individually wrapped with an Italian writing.

$18.07 USD
$24.95 USD

This authentic Italian olive oil is a real treat, with a wonderfully fresh olive taste you won’t find at the supermarket. A good gift for housewarming parties. Comes in a delightful burgundy or beige bag.

An authentic and fresh Italian food set prepared by Sicilian artisans, this makes a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates quality Italian cooking. Seasonal tomato sauces, cold pressed olive oil, Moscato balsamic vinegar, Trapani sea salt and special Italian harvested ancient seed pasta are among the contents of this delectable set.

$101.97 USD
$101.97 USD

Maybe you don’t drive a classic Ferrari, but why not look the part with a pair of stylish leather driving gloves? Great for winter driving, these are a cut above the typical glove in style and comfort. Our recommended pair are the highest quality Made In Italy gloves you’ll find online.

Yes you can find the typical big name Italian brands at any Macy’s, but why not go for something a little more authentic, understated and original? We recommend the Floto Taormina Leather Bag, made from Italian calf skin, which is great for use as a purse or to carry a smaller laptop.

$174.30 USD
$174.30 USD

If you’re seeking a gift for the home that’s truly unique, consider a globe wine/cocktail server. The beautifully decorated 16th-century replica globe opens up to house a set of glasses and bottles. Supported by hard wood legs, owners say it is great quality for the money. Love maps? Check out our ideas for map lovers.

$129.50 USD
$129.50 USD

Get in the authentic Italian cooking spirit with an adjustable steel pasta maker. You can make fettuccine, spaghetti and tagliolini to varying levels of thickness. Impress dinner guests with your home made noodles. Unlike many available online, the Marcato recommended here is made in Italy.

$57.89 USD
$67.99 USD

This lovely Santa figure holds a basket containing wine and bread, adding a decidedly Italian flare to your Christmas decor. Careful observers will notice the top of his staff is shaped as the leaning tower of Pisa. A great holiday gift idea.

$35.00 USD
$40.00 USD

This HBO series chronicles the drama, intrigue and passion of ancient Rome. Full of colorful characters and surprise, you’ll be hooked through all three seasons.

$44.85 USD
$64.92 USD

Show your Italian pride with this sharp-looking Italia hoodie, available in seven colors. Soft and comfy.

$31.30 USD
$32.95 USD

Get inside the Italian mindset with this fun book that answers questions ranging from where to find the best find balsamic vinegar to why red underwear shows up in Italian shops around the New Year.

Now what should you avoid giving?

1. Mafia-themed gifts. Italians hate the Mafia stereotype – so no mafia movies or swag.
2. Olive Garden gift certificate. While the Olive Garden might have some good eats, it also screams inauthentic – something Italians abhore.

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