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7 Super Star-Themed Gift Ideas

Looking for a star-themed gift idea to light up someone’s life? From superstar friends and family to space enthusiasts, we found 7 unique ideas that are sure to please.

A beautiful addition to any living space, this paper star lantern unfolds into a three-dimensional lamp. Easily add a 40W bulb to your lantern and hang indoors or outdoors to create a stunning night-time ambience.

Three sterling silver stars adorn this elegant necklace; an item from the Amazon Curated Collection. The rose gold flashed silver has subtle yet captivating tones- a simple yet refined gift to a loved one.

This stunning sterling silver ring will be a versatile gift for a special woman- perfect for a birthday, anniversary or any cause for celebration. The unique star design is classy yet edgy; an item any woman will love to wear on any occasion.

The universe is waiting to be discovered with this unique gift. Each box includes a giant star map full of stars waiting to be named after you. A thoughtful and meaningful gift to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

Shooting Star Cookies
Reach for the stars- Trader Joe’s classic Shooting Stars will have you reaching for another sweet treat. These buttery cookies are topped with semi-sweet chocolate and carbonated candy- a truly delicious treat.

Star Sky Night Lamp
Bring the solar system to your room with this captivating night lamp, projecting an ever-changing piece of the sky around your room. The ambience created brings rest and relaxation with its shifting colors and quiet operation.

This Swarovski star is of the highest quality and is a timeless gift to be adored, perhaps atop a Christmas tree. The twinkly little star will add a real sense of festivity to any occasion.