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11 Cool Gift Ideas for Tech Support Staff

Looking for a gift idea to show your appreciation to a tech support person or help desk team? We asked a tech support expert to identify 11 top ideas. Here they are:

Complete with a circuit board maze, coloring activities and decoded messages, this activity book will give your IT support people something to laugh about.  In a field that’s often about dealing with problems, it’s nice to take a lighthearted set back.


Give your hands a break with this high quality passively noise cancelled stereo headset. Capable of connection through 3.5 mm stereo jack or USB, this headset is sure to be compatible with your device. Its integrated microphone is specifically designed to minimize background noise.


We all have that one nerdy Tech support friend who we always call in times of need but never properly thank. Treat them to the respect they deserve but so rarely receive with this cute T-shirt. Available in black and navy, and in both male and female sizes.

Funny Tech Support Coffee Mug

Tech support folk are known for their unparalleled love for caffeine. Morning, afternoon, or evening our beloved geeks can be often found guzzling coffee before their desks. Help your beloved techie satisfy their caffeine needs with this humorous Tech Support coffee mug.

One of the trickiest aspects of Tech Support is having to manage a manual, a computer screen as well as a phone call. Use this adjustable transparent document holder between your keyboard and and computer screen to be able to easily read printed documents without losing sight of the screen.


The dangers of prolonged keyboard use are well documented. From wrist pain, to forearm pain, to shoulder pain we all know the effects of long hours at the keyboard. Help your tech support friend mitigate these health risks with this stylish memory foam wrist pillow available in over 8 designs.

Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest

Tech supporters are well acquainted to the challenges of spending long hours behind a desk on the phone. Help them maintain good posture, increase circulation, and alleviate back pain with this adjustable heavy frame ergonomic foot rest.

Tech support is ultimately a people-oriented career all about customer service. Help your beloved techie master their people skills with this book aimed at teaching all those in the Tech profession the tips and tricks necessary to master the human relations aspect of their work.

Early Steve Jobs Patent Art Prints

Steve Jobs is perhaps the most famous techie of them all. His inventions and innovations revolutionized the way humans interact with technology. Why not add a piece of this historical technical heritage to your office with these original art prints of Jobs’ early computer designs?

Dilbert 2021 Calendar

The beloved Dilbert, a comic strip to poke fun at all things office and all things corporate. Prepare for the new year and Bring some laughs into your techie’s life with this 2021 Dilbert calendar. Contains a chuckle-worthy comic strip for each day of the upcoming year.

The importance of hydration cannot be overstated. Long hours behind a desk and plain white paper cups can make hydration boring and trite. Liven up your desk with this 32 oz. fruit infuser water bottle. Comes in over 8 colorful designs and includes a handy recipe book with over 20 delicious and ultra-healthy infusion recipes.


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