10 Great Welsh-Themed Gift Ideas (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift for a lover of Wales? From hearty dishes to spirited songs, show some Welsh pride with these 10 gifts:

1. Welsh Heritage Food and Cooking

The best Welsh cookbook on the market, with 75 dishes spread over 100 pages dressed with lovely photos of cuisine that goes beyond stereotypical recipes like Welsh Rabbit. These are not pie in the sky dishes, but are easy for anyone to cook thanks to detailed step-by-step instructions.

List Price: $17.99 USD
Sale Price: $51.01 USD
Used From: $3.93 USD

2. Welsh Family History A Guide to Research

This book is a must for anyone interested in exploring their Welsh genealogy. It includes contributions from a range of Welsh history experts, detailing methods to both identify your ancestors and understand the broader historical context of the period during which they lived.

List Price: $29.50 USD
Sale Price: $20.96 USD
Used From: $8.99 USD

3. Music From the Welsh Mines

The Welsh are known for their male vocal choirs. This CD is based on recordings from the 1950s of men who actually worked in the coal mines. Beautiful music from a unique tradition. Songs include a rendition of the Welsh national anthem, Laudamus, and Ave Verum.

Used From: $62.69 USD

4. Welsh dragon shirt

Show your Welsh pride with a fun dragon shirt, based the same design featured on the Welsh flag. Comes in 11 different colors.

List Price: $12.99 USD
Sale Price: $12.99 USD

5. Lonely Planet Wales Guide

Know someone planning a trip to Wales? Make sure they’re prepared with this detailed travel guide, featuring both top attractions (castles galore) and hidden gems that veer off the beaten path including some interesting walking tours.

List Price: $24.99 USD
Sale Price: $20.28 USD
Used From: $1.97 USD

6. Welsh cakes

Yum! These delectable cakes, coming from a long tradition in Wales, are hand griddled and are available in both current and cranberry orange. Dense like scones but more flavorful with a great texture perfect for preserves, clotted cream or just on their own.

List Price: $54.99 USD
Sale Price: $54.99 USD

7. Welsh dragon cuff links

For special occasions, bring out the dragon cuff links. A subtle way to signal your Welsh spirit.

8. Welsh language lessons

Get to know Wales more intimately by learning the language through fun conversational lessons. The “Speak Welsh with Confidence” lessons are great for beginners and get rave reviews from users for their easy, step by step approach.

List Price: $23.95 USD
Used From: $60.52 USD

9. Welsh English/English Welsh Dictionary

Immerse yourself in the Welsh lexicon with this dictionary featuring over 20,000 words – from verbs to headwords to plural nouns. Written by respected Welsh language expert Geraint Lewis, it’s a great gift for either a serious learner or a dabbler who wants a handy reference.

List Price: $7.00 USD
Sale Price: $0.49 USD
Used From: $4.69 USD

10. A History of Wales

Examining Welsh history from the ground up, this text takes readers from the ice age to the mines of the 20th century, covering territory that’s often overlooked by other history texts. Originally published in 1993, this revised 2007 edition remains the definitive text on the subject – a must read for anyone who really wants to understand Wales.

List Price: $23.00 USD
Sale Price: $13.99 USD
Used From: $3.95 USD

What to avoid giving as a Welsh gift? While it might be tempting to give a Welsh terrier or corgi-themed gift, we recommend leave dogs out of the mix. They may have Welsh in the same, but these days there is little uniquely Welsh about them.