12 Great Gift Ideas for a Francophile (+3 to avoid)

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who loves France? We’ve identified 12 ideas that will get you an “oooh lala”:

1. Anis De Flavigny – This candy is made with the lover of France in mind. The sweet taste and classic design hearken back to the city of lights and the great country of France. The soft colors are great for a classic treat.

2. Eiffel Tower Soap Dish – Nothing says French like the Eiffel tower and this soap dish has a great picture of the famous symbol of Paris. It is made out of great material with very vibrant paints.

3. Fleur De Lis Paper Towel Holder – This paper towel holder is made out of the finest iron products. Not only does it look great, it is very functional. Inspired by the colors of France it invoke classic French design.

4. Map of French wine country – This lovely wine map will take your back to your favorite part of France. The food and the fun. The romance of that great country all in this wine. Will make you want to sign the Les Marseilles at the top of your lungs.

5. Eiffel Tower Ornament – What a great way to remember Paris with this beautiful ornament depicting the Eiffel Tower. This ornament comes with a beautiful satin white ribbon and is embellished with clear crystals.

6. Histoire French-Themed Bed Cover – A bed cover is designed for the person that loves the lore of historic France. Very comfortable and allows you to have a little bit of Paris every time you sleep.

7. Rue Di Rivoli Shower Curtain – These shower curtains will make you think you are strolling on the left bank while you are taking a shower. Made out of very quality material and designed to last.

8. French Wool Beret – This classic French Wool beret will make you look like you stepped out of a Jean Paul Sarte book. You can sit back and sip on Pernod and show everyone your love for everything french with this stylish beret. It comes in many great colors.

9. Rustic Fleur de Lis Bookends – These French inspired book ends will make your favorite books stand tall and show off in your living room. You can line them up with the great French Classics. It will send you back to the West bank.

10. Vintage Era Paris Napkins –
Ever want to steal your napkin from your favorite French bistro only to be talked out of it at the last minute. No need to with these napkins. This design will transport you back to France and turn your Tuesday night dinner into a great night.

11. Paris Shopping Tote – This tote is great for shopping and keeping up with your groceries. It will make you feel like you are back in Paris even when you are just taking a stroll through the local Food Lion. The design is made for the Francophile and will stand out among the other bags and totes you will see around town.

12. Long Sleeve Stripe Shirt – This long sleeve shirt is very fashion forward but also very comfortable. It is a casual piece of clothing and the colors are inspired by the country of France. The vivid blue stripes recall the french city and make you feel like you are walking down it streets.

Now, what should you avoid? A number of things have the word “French” in the title but are not French at all. These include:

1. French press. It was actually designed by an Italian.

2. French bulldogs. Originally from England, now international.

3. French manicure. Invented in Hollywood.