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12 Gift Ideas for an Economics Major

Seeking the right gift for a budding economist? These left-brained, financially savvy individuals typically have high standards and appreciate value. We’ve searched over 300 economics-themed gift ideas and distilled the very best:

Let your inner capitalist run wild with this fast-paced commodities trading game. Are you savvy enough to trade the right amount of wheat, corn or barley to corner the market for your chosen crop? A fun game for family and friends. A great game to take back to the college dorm room as well.


Buy Low, Sell High is a fun board game from the investing gurus at the Motley Fool, a financial education and advice company. Compete against fellow players to identify the right investments with the best returns.


This is a no-brainer gift for any student of economics. While the magazine is anchored in economics, it helps someone with an economic mind-set make cultural, political and social connections that may not be found in the standard textbook.

A delightful gift for economists, this official Economist brand mug features a map of global coffee and tea consumption. We admit it’s a little pricey for a mug, but when you consider supply, demand and expected utility…well you get the idea. He or she will love it.

Recommended as a top pick by Financial Times editors, Capitalism without Capital is a critically important book for 21st century economists. We’re now living in a world defined more and more by intangible goods and services. This book will open your eyes to this new drive of economic activity — one that doesn’t neatly fit into our 19th and 20th century models.

Subscription to The Wall Street Journal

With its focus on US-based companies, the WSJ is a good complement to more world-focused The Economist. If your economics major wants to keep up with the latest on companies like GE, Apple and Pfizer, the WSJ is a must have. We recommend a digital only subscription — who wants to keep up with a daily newspaper in print?

A top-recommended book by The Economist, Everybody Lies is an enlightening read by former Google data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. He explores the new frontier of big data analysis and what it says about human behavior (hint: humans lie). If you like Nate Silver and Malcolm Galdwell, you’re likely to enjoy this.


The title says it all. Much of our current policy debate steams from two differing views of economic management. One in which increasing the money supply can help jump start a damaged economy. And another where free markets rule the day and any manipulation will result if further pain down the road.


Most economists won’t stay in the ivory tower forever. This book by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is the rare combination of academic insight into economic drivers and practical boots on the ground experience. You won’t see business the same way again after reading this.


While your economist major probably thinks he knows more than anyone, it can’t hurt to help guide him in the right direction financially. This #1 bestseller has popularized the concept of value investing around the world.


There is a world of possibility for economics majors. Help him or her discover options to pursue with this helpful guide.


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