Gift Ideas for English Lit Majors – Our Top 12 Picks

Looking for the perfect present for a lover of literature in your life? These well-read individuals are likely to already have a broad canon under their belt. So what gift can you give to satisfy them for a birthday, graduation or holidays? We’ve reviewed over 300 gift ideas and identified our 12 favorites for writers:

1. Gift card – Let your English major go wild in on a book shopping spree, courtesy of you. She’ll find all the books she wants and leave you worry free for picking the wrong one.

2. Literature: A Portable Anthology – If you must buy a book for this English major yourself, we recommend this one. It contains a wide diversity of entertaining stories, poems and plays that may broaden one’s perspective on even some familiar authors.

3. Subscription to The New Yorker – This weekly magazine of high culture is chock full of great new literature, among other interesting non-fiction articles and essays. It’s where the best writers are featured and is a must-have for the well-rounded English major. Don’t want to spring for a full subscription? Consider an anthology of highlights.

4. eReader – This is a must have for any serious student of literature. If she already owns one, consider whether the model is old enough that it’s worth an upgrade. The feature list is constantly expanding.

5. Celestial Journal – As a keen observer of the environment and copious note taker, your Lit major will appreciate this high quality free-form journal. The next great American novel or textual analysis, whatever he or she writes in here will be memorable.

6. Fountain pen – Yes it’s old fashioned but that’s the point. In an era where tech gadgets are taking over our lives, a fountain pen will take the mind back to a slower time. It might even help inspire some deeply seeded creativity.

7. Scrabble – The game made for word lovers, Scrabble is the perfect game for English majors to show off their superior vocabulary. For a special gift, consider giving a higher quality wooden build version that will last for generations.

8. Magnetic Poetry Kit – Let the fridge be a canvas for spontaneous literary inspiration with a magnetic poetry kit. Fun for the family and guests as well.

9. English Majors: A Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate – Help your English major lighten up with this fun collection of clever satire, such as a 10 minute version of Macbeth with leads played by Mr. Rogers and Julia Child.

10. The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need – This comprehensive guide will be well used by any aspiring writer, covering everything from parts of speech to the intricacies of punctuation. Also great to use for tutoring.

11. Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors – Majoring in English is a lot of fun, but at some point the passion has to translate into a career. Give him or her a head start with some expert advice from Blythe Camenson, director of the Fiction Writer’s Connection who has authored a number of career-related books.

12. Grammar mug – Give a fun mug that encapsulates what being an English major is all about: It says “Grammar: The Difference Between Knowing You’re Crap and Knowing Your Crap.”

Still looking? Here are 5 great places to buy unique gifts:
1. Amazon Handmade
2. Etsy
3. Firebox
4. Uncommon Goods
5. World Market

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