7 Super Cute Owl-Themed Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for an owl lover in your life? We researched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to seven especially cute picks. Enjoy!

These snuggly socks are the perfect remedy to cheer up a cold winter’s day and can be worn in any situation. Featuring 8 animal designs, these socks come in packs of 3 and are a warm, cozy item that any woman will love to wear.
$9.99 USD
$19.99 USD

Breathe some life into any room of your home with a modern touch. The 6 assorted owls hold succulents or any small plant. Top-quality clay with a glazed finish, these owls are a thoughtful gift to someone with a flair for décor.
$15.99 USD
$26.99 USD

Vivian & Vincent’s soft scarf is a fun yet elegant item for all seasons that is sure to bring compliments to its wearer. Owl fans will adore the cute cartoon designs, as well as its light weight, soft viscose. A special gift that certainly won’t go unworn.
$8.99 USD
$19.99 USD

Inspired by the Tibetan style, this pack contains 40 charming owl pendants with an antique bronze finish. The pack contains many pairs of owls, ideal for making into earrings, crafts or jewelry. A beautiful gift to be used by someone with a creative mind.
$9.69 USD
$9.69 USD

Simple yet sophisticated, this owl mug is a wonderful gift to an owl fan or anyone with an eye for artistry. The beautiful mug can be used to drink coffee, tea, soup or any beverage. Its high-quality ceramic is microwave-safe and will stand the test of time.

A truly lovely pair, the owl and the moon give this feminine necklace a delicate touch. The necklace would make a charming gift, and it has a pleasant surprise in store for its wearer: it’s glow-in-the-dark.
$10.99 USD
$10.99 USD

These gorgeous owlet candles make an irresistible gift. Each set is assorted with 4 cheerfully colorful baby owls, all ready for gifting in their individual ribbon-wrapped boxes- ideal as a wedding favor.
$7.98 USD
$12.12 USD

Did you know? Owls don’t have real eyeballs. They are shaped like a tube and cannot move, functioning more like a telescope. This is why their heads can rotate 270 degrees.