6 Fabulous Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas

Looking for a Nutcracker ballet-themed gift idea? Maybe you know someone dancing in the production this holiday season, or have a ballet spectator in mind. We’ve researched hundreds of ideas and identified five great picks a Nutcracker fan will love.

This lovingly-made Clara (the lead girl in the ballet) ornament has a hand-crafted detail that sets it apart from most Nutcracker merchandise. A great addition to the Christmas tree, it will be a treasured gift for years to come. Made from resin for long term durability.
$8.41 USD
$8.41 USD
These colorful, German-inspired women’s nutcracker socks are a delight. Unlike many socks sold with patterned prints, these are woven rather than screen printed ensuring long term vibrancy. Each pair is individually packaged, making it a good bulk gift if you buy several sets of four.
$10.98 USD
$19.98 USD
The Mouse King is often a favorite character in the Nutcracker suite, and this finely crafted nutcracker is sure to be a favorite gift. We like the attention to detail on the front of the figure. Designed by artist Holly Adler.
$27.05 USD
$52.50 USD
A fun gift idea for the Nutcracker fan who likes to smell lovely. While we admit it’s a bit more expensive than regular shampoo, it’s one gift that’s 100% sure to be used. Inspire her inner artist with this special shampoo formula!
$9.69 USD
$18.00 USD
A fun, 8-piece set of Nutcracker ornaments posed as they’re acting out the ballet. Will add a lively touch to your Christmas tree. A wonderful gift for a little girl or boy who’s recently seen the play.
$17.98 USD
$17.98 USD
The original story by E.T.A. Hoffmann accompanied by the wonderful illustrations of Maurice Sendak (who also illustrated Where the Wild Things Are) makes for a magical holiday family read. A great gift to give a child who’s either seen the production and wants to relive the fun, or wants an introduction before seeing the full ballet. Make this book a yearly holiday tradition in your family.
$16.00 USD
$24.99 USD

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