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17 Must-Have Gifts for a Math Teacher (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for for the perfect gift idea for a math teacher or professor in your life? We’ve searched hundreds of ideas and calculated that these 17 are among the cream of the crop. Whether you’re a student or simply an admirer of a math teacher, here are some fun and unique ideas for you to consider.

The math symbols on this shirt are cleverly arranged to read “I ate some pi” using the square root of -1, absolute value of negative 8, the sum symbol and of course pi. The perfect gift for a math geek with a sense of humor.

A set of bowls made for math lovers. Printed with math proofs from Euclid, Hippasus, Pythagoras, and Gauss, they are going to make meal time so much more mathtastic. Great quality for the money, they’re a unique gift a math teacher is going to absolutely love.


Developed by math teachers, Prime Club is a fun game for all ages wherein players seek to reach 100 by rolling dice and moving pieces around a spiral path. Winner of multiple awards and recommended by MENSA, it will be a hit both at home and in the classroom.


Selected by The Guardian as a top pick for math lovers, The Man Who Knew Infinity (recently made into a movie) tells the story of Srinavasa Ramanujan Iyengar, an amazing math protege from India who was largely self-taught. Discovered by British mathematician G.H. Hardy, Ramanujan’s brilliant ideas became more widely known, but life soon took a tragic turn. A brilliant book that should be read by every math teacher.


A great math-themed decoration for the home or classroom, this vintage-looking poster includes more digits of pi than are humanly possible to memorize — but don’t let that stop you. Printed on high quality paper for long-lasting durability, it comes unframed but is in a standard size that makes framing easy of desired. Also on our list of gift ideas for engineers.


Math teachers usually express themselves with equations, but what if they had to put all their logical proofs into poetry? This fun set of math words will turn a metal surface into a mathematical wall of fun. Contains 200 tiles and comes in a easy-to-wrap box.

$12.95 ($0.06 / Count)
$12.95 ($0.06 / Count)

A more up-to-date variation on the classic Men of Mathematics, this book delves into the lives of 25 figures who made modern mathematics what it is today. From Euclidian geometry to calculus and everything in between, it’s great not only for a teacher’s edification but for his or her students as well. Well written and engaging, it can be read in parts and even included in lesson plans.


Does your math teacher like to digress? This mug will give him or her a good laugh. Great for a self-deprecating teacher who enjoys a good joke, we can imagine this being a fixture on the desk for years to come.


Come into the classroom stylin’ with these comfy socks printed with famous math equations. Sure to get plenty of ooohs and aaahs from adoring students.


This microfiber necktie not only looks amazing, but it’s made from top quality material that will last. Your math teacher is going to look super sharp in this. It’s printed with math scribbles that look a lot like math teacher handwriting.


A lovely gift for a female math teacher, this scarf is printed with equations giving off a vibe of chic sophistication. Wear it in the classroom, parties, anywhere — it’s sure to be a hit.


Take pi to the next level with this pie pan in the literal shape of the pi symbol. Consider it for pi day or as a fun year end thank you gift for your teacher with a pie baked inside.


Is the math teacher in your life mathelete? Math is a real mental workout and this funny t-shirt makes it as official as football. Great for math geeks with a sense of humor.


This fun mug is printed with math equations and doodles. It’s like the white board was transferred to a mug! The printing is high quality and it’s completely microwave and dishwasher safe.


A fun idea for math and science geeks with a sense of humor, this Einstein bobblehead makes for a fun classroom decoration and talking point. Quality construction and is packaged in a nice box.


Perfect as a thank you gift for a special math teacher, this pen is engraved with math symbols and is multi functioned including an LED light and stylus pen for navigating electronic screens. Comes in an attractive looking gift box.


This hilarious sign reads Math Teacher Parking Only: Violators Must Recite All The Digits of Pi. Printed on durable material that can withstand all the abuse that’s likely to be directed at it.


What should you avoid giving a math teacher? We’d avoid the typical sentimental gift such as the common “thank you teacher for helping me grow” teacher gifts. Math teachers don’t usually respond as well to this.