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7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Antique Lovers

Seeking the perfect gift for someone who’s wild about antiques? We looked for gift ideas these collectors of vintage treasures will love. After searching hundreds of choices, we narrowed them down to 7 top-rated picks.

Written by Paul Atterbury, an Antiques Roadshow vet since 1990, this book follows up on the greatest finds. Find out what happened to rare pieces from vases to musical instruments. Lovingly illustrated by Marc Allum, this is a book to grace your coffee table for years.
Used as a reference by antique dealers, Judith Miller’s 8,000-item guide will keep even the most veteran antique maven on his or her toes. Contains the latest prices and trends, with special in-depth coverage of particularly distinctive items. You’ll also learn about market trends to be aware of.
This fun, practical guide will give you a leg up in identifying great finds, negotiating the right price and in strategies to avoid getting ripped off. A great read even if you haven’t watched the History channel’s American Pickers.
Complete Jewelry Polishing Kit
If your antique lover collects jewelry, this cleaning kit is a must have. The cleaning solution, polish cloth and brush will give you the tools you need to carefully clean vintage jewelry. From gold to pearls, this kit has you covered.
Give your antique lover’s home a vintage flare with these fun Edison bulbs. They fit into typical lighting sockets and last for 2,000+ hours use each. They come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Before we licked envelopes, letters were sealed using melted wax and a stamp. Revive this antique tradition with this top-rated sealing wax set. Includes a stamp with six interchangeable seals for various occasions — from a royal crown to a heart. Comes in a cute gift box.
Consider a vintage poster such as this as a frame-able gift. Adds a touch of sophistication to any room.