8 Best Scented Candle Gifts for Relaxing

Looking for the right scented candle to make the stress melt away? We’ve researched 100s of products to help narrow down 8 top options that we guarantee you’ll love. Our picks are based on the science behind the most relaxing scents.

1. Black Orchid Ylang by Trapp

Combining the scents of ylang ylang flower, black Orchid, jasmine, this candle will soothe while also offering some mildly stimulating properties. Ylang ylang means “flower of flowers” in the Philippines, with a particularly pungent floral aroma. This, combined with the calming effects of jasmine and orchid, produces a wonderful mix that earns this candle top marks.

Sale Price: $49.99 USD

2. Lavender Chamomile Pear by Votivo

This made-in-the-USA mix of lavender, chamomile and pear will transport you to your youth. Its freshness combined with the calming effects of chamomile recall to mind relaxing days you spent outdoors as a child.

3. Mandarin Goji by Trapp

Mandarin is known for its ability to turn the mind off from anxiety and nervousness. Combined with the restorative properties of Goji berries, this candle is great for a deep disconnect from the unhealthy influences clouding you from full relaxation.

4. Pure Lilac Tealight Candles by Shorties

These lilac tea candles made a great bathtime companion. Let the lovely floral notes surround you as you bathe. The Celts considered lilac to have magical properties, carrying people to another fairyland world.

List Price: $7.95 USD
Sale Price: $7.50 USD

5. Rush of Rose by Votivo

Full of mythological connotations, the rose is the ultimate symbol of love and healing. And when love is lost, the uniquely pungent properties of the rose can help to heal the heartbroken and rejuvenate spirits.

List Price: $32.99 USD
Sale Price: $32.99 USD

6. Herbal Healing Candle by Art of the Root

This candle combines the therapeutic scents of lavender, eucalyptus and thyme into a blend specifically designed to help those dealing with sadness or grief. These herbs will help you process your emotions and feel better.

List Price: $12.99 USD
Sale Price: $12.99 USD

7. Eucalyptus Spearmint by Bath & Body Works

This unique blend designed specifically for reducing stress offers a crisp freshness that will cut through the room, giving your mind a sense of focus and direction — taking you away from all the distractions and headaches.

8. Peace + Tranquility by Chesapeake

For those seeking a more complete and complex mix of fragrances ranging from lilac to the uplifting bergamot, consider this blended candle with a focus on holistically healing through its peaceful blended scent. Comes with a wood cover.

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