7 Good Luck Housewarming Gift Ideas

Help bring good luck vibes to your friends’ new home with these 7 thoughtful gift ideas. We’ve searched hundreds of options to identify the luckiest picks for your housewarming party.

This bamboo shoot sprouts out from a cute elephant base. Elephants are symbols of luck in Asia where home and business owners will often put them on display. Includes crystal soil and is designed to last for years.
$21.99 USD
$21.99 USD
A great value, this vintage wind bell is perfect on the porch or in the garden – or even indoors. It has a solid feel one would expect of a higher priced collectible. The bell is symbolic of good luck in Chinese culture.
$3.99 USD
$3.99 USD
The Turkish Evil Eye is the ultimate symbol of luck in in Turkish homes. Made from real glass and quality metal, this ornament will ward off danger from a home and keep its inhabitants protected and happy. They are traditionally hung just inside the front door.
$7.99 USD
$10.95 USD
Prosperity Protection Coins
These Feng Shui coins are said to bestow good luck and prosperity on their owners. Similar to the Evil Eye, they are typically hung on doors. Some also put them in their car. Up close, the coin looks much more expensive than it is.
A wonderful addition to any home, Bonsai trees are said to bring about good luck according to Feng Shui philosophy. Juniper Bonsai trees are among the easiest to take care of. The tree pictured here is 5 years old and comes with a lovely base. Backed by a 1 year warranty.
$28.50 USD
$28.50 USD
Elephant Planter
This adorable elephant planter is perfect for succulents. Posed with his trunk up for good luck, the elephant comes with a tray and hole in the bottom to keep the succulent long lasting.
My House is Your House Figurine
Modeled on a hand-crafted design, this lovely figurine is perfect for housewarming gifts. The peaceful, angelic figure appears to product the new home without being overtly religious. Comes in a gift box and with a card that reads ”Mi casa es su casa, My house is your house.”