22 Must-Have Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a flight attendant? Whether you’re seeking ideas for a special friend, a recent graduate or something for members of the crew, we have you covered.

Help your flight attendant be a great host not just in the air but at home. Create fun cocktails with this well-made ice mold featuring detailed little airplanes. The parties are sure to be a hit!
$8.92 USD
$9.00 USD
This lovely scarf is tastefully printed with airport/airplane sketches. It has a light, airy feel and is flexible for many different occasions.
$19.95 USD
$19.95 USD
A great idea for a newly minted flight attendant, help him or her celebrate this exciting new career with this fun airplane bottle opener. If you happen to be looking for a bulk gift for a class of flight attendants, you can order these in multiples of 48 and 96.
$1.99 USD
$5.95 USD
If you have a close partner or friend flying, they’ll appreciate that your thinking of them while up in their air with this adorable bracelet that reads “safe travels wherever you go.” Complete with little engraved airplanes.
$14.89 USD
$39.99 USD
If you’re looking for a card for a special occasion, consider this fun airplane popup. Open the card and the airplane unfolds in 3d with space for a message from you. There is no text on the card, giving you the flexibility to use it for anything ranging from graduation to birthdays to a thank you card.
$12.50 USD
$12.50 USD
This Europe-imported pillow is woven to the high quality requirements of European National Museums. A quality gift idea a discerning flight attendant will absolutely adore.
A gorgeous rhinestone brooch that would be a fitting gift to any flight attendant. Perfect for parties and other special events, it will be a classy addition that will be noticed. Depending on airline policies, she may attach it to her flight uniform for an extra touch of glam.
$8.99 USD
$8.99 USD
If your flight attendant is a wine lover, look no further than this cute airplane-inspired cork screw. A twist of the propeller is the perfect way to open up a bottle of wine and relax after traveling.
$16.16 USD
$16.16 USD
For hands-on flight attendants (and their kids) who geek out on all things aviation, a model airplane painted with their airline’s livery is the perfect gift idea. Pictured here is an American Airlines 777-300. Other airlines are available at the link. The pieces easily snap together.
$46.06 USD
$51.99 USD

Custom-designed for flight attendants, this stylish bag meets all the needs of the frequent flyer to carry food on board. The bottom compartment has six sides of insulation for ultra-cooling capability while the top compartments has two zippers to easily access your dry goods.
$31.00 USD
$34.99 USD

A great gift for newer flight attendants, this page-turner offers a behind-the-scenes take on the joys, hazards and hilarity of serving hundreds of passengers at 35,000 feet.
$6.00 USD
$14.99 USD

Being a flight attendant isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle- here’s a tasteful T-shirt shirt any attendant will truly appreciate. This lightweight classic-fit shirt is 100% cotton and is a gift that will stand the test of time.
$22.99 USD
$22.99 USD

The classic choice of flight attendants to care for their skin, this TSA-approved spray can be carried on board any flight. An ideal size for your purse or carry-on bag, this facial spray sets makeup while protecting your skin from chlorine and salt.
$37.87 USD
$39.00 USD

These charming pendants are food for the traveler’s spirit. Made in the United States, the globe and plane pendants are silver-plated, kind to skin and lead free- a timeless gift to be cherished by the frequent flyer.
$26.99 USD
$28.99 USD

The essential reference guide for travel from Lonely Planet, the most trusted name in travel guides. Never lose inspiration for your next trip, with profiles of every UN-recognized country on the planet; featuring stunning photography, useful statistics and fascinating insights into every country.

Make bath-time fun with this glamorously cute air stewardess rubber duck. The classic squeaking toy has had a makeover and is ready for take-off- a hilarious gift to any flight attendant or someone who’d love a cute companion in the bathtub.
$10.79 USD
$10.79 USD

All the glitz and glamor of 60s flight in captured in Pan Am: The Complete Series on DVD. Featuring Christina Ricci and Kelli Garner, the award-winning series is a fabulous gift to any flight attendant or someone who will appreciate the golden age of commercial flight.
$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD

These cacti tea candles make a fabulous decorative addition to any bedroom, bathroom or living space. The 6 petite paraffin candles are unscented and burn for 30 minutes, with 3 cute designs and 2 of each variety. A fun, unique idea for a flight crew.
$7.99 USD
$11.59 USD
Literally fuel up every morning with this funny mug.
Flight attendants and pilots will find it a great conversation piece. Printed on top quality mugs for long-lasting durability.
$19.95 USD
$19.95 USD
Looking for something sweet to give a crew of flight attendants or a special someone? Take it up a notch with this variety pack of Ferrero chocolates. They make the perfect antidote to a stressful day of flying.
$4.20 USD
$9.04 USD
This fun airplane clock adds a touch of personality to any room and really livens up the living space. The quality of craftsmanship for the price makes this a great value.
$38.00 USD
$38.00 USD
Liven up a Christmas tree with this lovely hand-painted, glass-blown ornament in the shape of a jumbo jet. A great, high quality holiday gift idea for the flight attendant in your life.
$5.59 USD
$6.83 USD