Amazon vs. Google: 2018 Consumer Shopping Survey

In our second annual survey of 1,550 US adults, we asked consumers where they start their online shopping journey: Google, Amazon, or another website/app.

This year, 50.5% of respondents claimed to go directly to Amazon first, up from 49.5% last year. Combined, Amazon and Google increased first-touch shopper share from 86.8% to 88.5% year-over year, leaving just 11.5% of the market for other players, down from 13.2% in 2017.

Google vs. Amazon Shopper Market Share 2018

Our survey results suggest shoppers aged 55+ are less likely to go to Amazon first, instead preferring a Google search or other websites/apps. 18-24 year-olds were the cohort least likely to use Google.

Google vs. Amazon Shopper Market Share by Age 2018

Female respondents were 6% points more likely to start at Amazon than their male counterparts, who are both more likely to use Google and other websites/apps.

Google vs. Amazon Shopper Market Share by Gender 2018

Methodology: The survey was conducted using an online panel of 1,556 USA-based consumers in June 2018. Respondents were asked “You want to buy something online. Where do you start?” and given three choices in randomized order: Google, Amazon or Other Website/App. The same survey also ran last year in June, 2017.

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