12 Gifts Your 9-Year-Old Daughter Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your 9-year-old daughter? We searched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to the 12 top picks she’ll adore.

Adventure Camera
If she loves making videos, give her this waterproof Adventure Camera so she can record all of her activities. This delightful little camera captures high resolution photos and videos with easy to use controls. An attachment allows you to mount it on a bike helmet so that she can record her stunts just like a pro.

American Girl Baking Recipes
Give your 9 year old her first cookbook with a hardcover copy of American Girl Baking, containing recipes for cookies, cupcakes and more. Each of the 40+ recipes are easy to read and follow and are the perfect introduction to the simple pleasures of home baking. This book allows you to have an excuse for quality time together as your little girl learns about following recipes and oven safety – plus you’ll be encouraging her to share delicious treats with loved ones and friends.

Barbie Baby Doctor Doll
Show her she she’s doctor material with a Barbie Baby Doctor Doll Playset. Have her play doctor with a Barbie that’s ready to take care of business with her own exam table and accessories that allow her to care for patients and two adorable babies. The office set included does double duty as a care station and storage space. Part of the Barbie Careers collection, this doll is designed to teach your little girl she can be whoever she wants when she grows up.

Camouflage Walkie Talkies
Her outdoor adventures will be even more fun with these pink Camouflage Walkie Talkies. These walkie talkies are designed for small hands and feature crisp sound quality. With a range of 2 miles, her and her siblings of friends will be endlessly entertained by this cool way to communicate.

Crystal Growing Kit
Nurture her love of science by giving her this exciting Crystal Growing Kit. She’ll learn all about biology and crystal formation as she grows 5 colorful gemstones. Then, an LED display will beautifully illuminate them and allow her to show off her creations.

DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit
Let her show off her incredible friendships by giving her this DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit. It comes complete with colorful twine, rope, and embroidery floss to craft the perfect bracelet or hair wrap, while the charms, beads, and feathers let her become a true fashion designer. An included instruction book will keep her crafting for hours.

Doodle Pillowcase
For hours of coloring fun, gift your 9-year-old with a machine washable pillowcase doodle kit. Each pillowcase comes with 10 double-sided washable markers she can use to color in an elaborate prehistoric scene full of all her favourite dinosaurs. The pillowcase is measures 75X50 cm and is made from 100% Turkish cotton. Simply give it a wash, and she’s ready to start again. A perfect activity for camping, road tripping, and sleepovers.

Fashion Angels Emoji Journal
Introduce your 9-year-old to scrapbooking with this 100 page journal. The inclusion of stickers, stencils, stamps, Tapeffiti and a light-up pen give her lots of options to make every page her own! The set is a perfect introduction to the world of journaling allowing young girls to jot down their thoughts, adding their own flourishes of emoji stickers and stamps.

Floral Reading Lamp
This Floral Reading Lamp makes the perfect desk accessory. The charming base doubles as a pen holder, while the fun, flexible body allows you to perfectly adjust its position. The dimmable LED bulbs promise not to shine too brightly, making it easy to read a favorite book even after “lights out.”

Jelly Belly Beanboozled Beans
Give her Jelly Belly’s world famous Bean Boozled Spinner Wheel Game, an activity that lets her and her friends try their luck at spinning the wheel for a chance at the most delicious – or the most weird and wild – flavors Jelly Belly has to offer. She’ll never know what she’s going to get! The set comes with a spinning wheel and 20 Jelly Belly flavors (10 delicious and 10 strange).

Mermaid Tail Blanket
If your little girl would prefer to be a mermaid, this cozy Mermaid Tail Blanket will grant her wish. Ombre rainbow colors brighten the exterior while the plush, luxurious fabric makes it extra cozy. Ideal for kids under 5 feet tall, this exciting blanket will let her wildest dreams come true.

What should you avoid giving a 9-year-old girl? We recommend staying away from makeup and clothing. Let her discover her own preferences in these areas as she matures.

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