8 Gifts Under $2 Each Your Wedding Guests Will Adore

Looking for tasteful party favors for your upcoming wedding, but don’t want to break the bank? A gift bag with a few tokens makes guests feel welcomed and the event all the more memorable. But do the math and the expense can add up. This list is designed to keep your party favor budget with reason – and your guests happy.

1. Butterfly candy boxes – These intricate paper candy boxes are easy to set up and look beautiful, adding a touch of sophistication that’s sure to get ooohs and aaahs from guests. They fit a couple Hershey kisses (we recommend these “I Do” Kisses). They can be had for just about $0.20 each.

2. Soap rose gift box – These lovely smelling rose-shaped soap, packed in a heart shaped container tied with ribbons you may use or discard, are a great value – and look much more expensive than they are. You can order 100 boxes for about $1 each.

3. Champagne Bubbles – Is the traditional bubble wand too cliche for your seasoned wedding guests? As the evening wears on, these champagne bubble sets are sure to entertain. While a little more expensive than the typical wand at around $0.75 each, they get rave reviews.

4. Small plant box – Give your wedding a natural look with mini plant boxes at each guest’s seat. It’s one thing they’re sure to keep at home as a reminder of the special day. They can be had for about $0.90 each for an order of 100 (including shipping).

5. Glow Sticks – If your party runs into the evening, glow sticks are a fun way to keep the energy high into the night. Fun for adults and kids alike especially for outdoor parties. They can be had for about $0.12 each.

6. Feather Masquerade masks – Your guests will have a ball with colorful feather masks, sure to add some intrigue and passion to your reception. The pictures–especially if you have a photo booth–will look so fun!

7. Kids bags – Don’t forget the little ones in attendance. While heart shaped soaps may be lost on them, you’re sure to get their attention with some fun gift bags for a handful of candy. You can order a dozen for about $0.40 each.

8. Thank you tags – Guests may have traveled a many miles to attend your special day. It’s important to thank them for coming. Add some tags to your gift bags that make it clear you care. Cost is about $0.05 per tag.

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