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15 Gifts Your 6-Year-Old Granddaughter Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for just the right gift for your 6-year-old granddaughter? We researched hundreds of ideas and narrowed them down to 15 top picks she’s sure to love.

Make her feel special in this adorable unicorn hooded bathrobe. Comfortably plush, she’ll feel cozy and warm. Comes in many different styles so you’re sure to find the right fit for your granddaughter.


This fun kit includes 20 different window art options. Fill in the spaces with color, let it set, and enjoy lovely window decorations that will brighten up the home. Get her creative juices flowing and inspire a love of art.


Turn her bedroom into a magical night sky with this fun rotating projector. Whether used as a nightlight or just decoration, you’ll inspire a curiosity about the great beyond. Great for story time with grandma!


Spark her unquenchable curiosity about the natural world with a hand-held digital microscope. It’s unique egg-shaped design is perfect for little hands, and can be positioned at any angle to allow 54X magnification of objects. Plug it directly into your computer (Mac or PC) and let your 6 year old explore the joys of scientific observation.


Project a rainbow across her bedroom ceiling and walls with this stunning rainbow light projector. The magic of a rainbow will leap to life across her walls with the help of multi colored LED lights. It’s the perfect nightlight for your little one, and is sure to be a hit with the whole family.


Be your child’s professional face painter with the help of sponges and stencils. This set is sure to delight your 6 year old, with so many options for fun face doodles that is also safe for her sensitive skin. The colors are bright and easy to use with excellent coverage. Extra bonus: you’ll gain access to their website that shares step-by step instructions to have you painting like a pro. This will sure to be a hit at birthday parties and other special occasions.


Have your 6 year old get creative with a bead set to help her design and string together her own necklaces and bracelets. The set includes 220 beads and 8 cords that are nestled in an easy to pack wooden tray. Teach her pattern creation with strings she can use again and again! A great gift to pack up and travel with, or to occupy your little one on a rainy day.


Let her imagination run wild in the Play-Doh Kitchen! “Bake” food in the oven that “dings” when done, make pretend foods like muffins, pizzas, and cakes and let her go as crazy as she wants designing unique food combinations. The kitchen contains all the materials a pair of young hands needs while crafting their creations, including: cutters, a roller, knife, fork, spoon, plate and 6 cans of Play-Doh ready for moulding.

Caterpillar and Butterfly Habitat

Give the gift of nature and teach her about animal life cycles with a caterpillar habitat that allows her to watch caterpillars transform into butterflies. The set comes with 5 baby caterpillars, a 12 inch tall habitat, deluxe chrysalis station and a butterfly feeding kit, plus instructions on caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly care. The best part: the set is completely reuseable, with the option to send away for more caterpillars the following year to watch the process unfold again!

This incredible Art Set has everything she needs to bring her creativity to life. This colorful includes 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 sheets of paper. All these tools are packaged in a high quality art case that allows her to take it on the go.


She’ll be so excited to show off her Printed Backpack to her friends at school! Available in a variety of cute colors and prints, this high quality accessory includes 4 compartments, 2 mesh side pockets, and even a protected place for a laptop or tablet. Adjustable straps also ensure this backpack is the perfect size for her to carry.

This set of Scratch Art Notes features a rainbow of colors hiding beneath a matte black coating. Comprised of 125 notes, this provides a fun and exciting way to practice her writing and fine motor skills. An included desktop holder and wooden stylus gives her all she needs to start making dazzling works of art.

Waterproof Watch

Telling time is fun and easy when you have a Waterproof Watch to practice on. The flexible band is small enough for child size wrists and features colorful shapes she’ll love to look at. The high quality, waterproof design ensures it is also durable enough to withstand the playground.

This Magic Sequin Pillowcase is as fun to touch as it is to look at. The glistening, sparkling sequins magically change color with every touch, allowing for endless hours of fun. Add a 16” square pillow and she will have a fun piece of decor that will give her room tons of personality.

Nurture your granddaughter’s interest in science by giving her this incredible Butterfly Terrarium. This gift set gives her everything she needs to grow her own plants, including potting mix, seeds, and more. There are also sparkling stickers and butterfly wings that allow her to decorate her terrarium to perfection.


What should you avoid giving a 6-year-old girl? Girls between 6 and 8 grow quickly, so we suggest avoiding higher priced clothes if you want a lasting gift. But a low-cost summer dress could be appropriate.

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What characterizes 6-year-olds? According to Very Well Family, 6-year-olds typically develop stronger motor skills including ability to play sports and follow a game’s rules. Emotionally, 6-year-olds become more stable and love to show off their various skills to others. And socially, 6-year-olds start to seek greater social acceptance and are not as tightly bound to their family.