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16 Best Gifts for a 6-Month Old Girl (Mom Approved)

Looking for the best gift ideas for a 6-month-old girl? We asked a mother of a 6-month year old to pick her favorite ideas. The top 16 picks are listed below. Whether looking for birthday, Christmas or other special occasions, there’s something here for you. Enjoy.

Summer Wildflowers set

With summer just around the corner, this gorgeous light weight cotton set is the perfect addition to your little ones wardrobe. Because of the flowy open back, this will perfectly fit your little one for the warmer months.

This plush mat is perfect for tummy time, with its extra padded edge to stop your little one from rolling away. Reviewers noted how perfectly soft and padded this item was, especially for those with hardwood floors. Giving a piece of mind, while allowing their little one space and freedom as they’re now learning to crawl.

As daunting as it sounds, the truth is you’re little one is going to be up and about it no time. Customers noted that it gave their little ones a new found sense of freedom, whilst the ease of mind that they’re safe in the walker. It features 9 activities which is removable and 3 height adjustments, so it’s perfect for growing with your little one.

Bath time – some kids love it, others get easily distracted, much like mine. This bath set is a great way to entertain your child whilst in the bath. Other parents noted that it was a great for babies from a young as 4 months, and still playing with them when they’re 12+ months. The water drains easily, and is really easy to grab and hold onto.

This smart touch bar, is perfect for entertaining our little ones whilst we finish the last some work. The sounds, lights and the balls are enough to entertain for hours. One customer wrote that as her granddaughter was learning to stand she made it extra secure at the base of it but sliding it under her couch.They can play standing, sitting, dancing! What more could we want.


From first glance, this toy would seem to suit an older child. But many of the customers recounted buying this toy for babies as young as 6 months, and they were fascinated by the textures and shapes. A fun stacking/knocking down toy to play with your little one, as they grow into learning to stack them themselves.


This might be a gift for us, as much as it’s a gift for our baby – a toy holder. Why keep picking up the toys your little one repeatedly throws away, when there’s device that will hold them for us? It has a suction cap on the bottom, which customers say the trick is to use a baby wipe to wet and then stick it to a tray or table etc. Attach toys or even sippy cup and voila!


This small rattle is great for keeping the attention of your little one, whilst offering something safe to chew on. It’s small enough to fit in a nappy bag, and easy for baby to hold. Customers wrote that months after purchase, their baby is still amused by this toy.


Your child might have already started teething by now, or maybe they’re going to start soon. These cute teething rings are easy to hold, have various different textures, they’re freezer safe and can be sterilized.

Manhattan toy Playful Pony wooden activity center

Let’s just take a moment to admire this beautiful toy. Ok, now we’ve done that, lets move on. This toy has a lot going on to keep the interest of your little one. Customers all raved that whilst it is smaller than they initially expected, they’re babies of various ages loved it.

Whether your baby has already started solids, or not this feeder is so handy! You can fill it with frozen breastmilk or fruit and veges and then pop it in the freezer. Has 3 different sizes, a twist up function to push the food up, as well as being BPA and latex free.


These gorgeous shoes are soft and comfortable. Coming in various cute colors, sizes, and two different sole options – one soft and one with a flexible rubber sole. A very cute addition to your loved ones outfit!

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar activity toys

My baby personally loves these balls. The combination of lights, color and noise grabs her attention. She can spend at least a good hour playing with just this toy. They’re great for encouraging your little one to crawl.

These walkers that have the activity center play front are great for your little one who is now sitting up. The wheels have a break on them, to keep it from sliding away. When it is time to start helping your little one to walk, this will be the perfect partner. My favourite part is the ‘frustration free packaging’ and my little ones curious face as she’s figuring out the buttons, slides and music.

SwimWays baby spring float sun canopy

I feel like this is a real summer essential, especially if you have a pool or frequent one often. Parents commented that they felt their little one was safer than being in their arms, where it’s easier to slip out – and if at first their too small to sit in the seat, parents in the reviews have come up with great solutions! Comes with a removable sun canopy, very quick and easy to blow up.

This swimsuit is super cute for the summer, with little ruffles on the butt- like the brand name would suggest. More importantly, it’s UPF 50+ this is incredibly important when considering purchasing a swimsuit for anyone these day. Paired with UPF 50+ wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen and you’ll be ready for the summer months.