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12 Gifts Your 3-Year-Old Daughter Will Love (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for the perfect gift idea for your 3-year-old daughter? We researched hundreds of great ideas and narrowed them down to 12 top picks she’ll love.

Encourage your little girl’s sensory development with this no-mess Playfoam. She’ll be able to express her creativity in sculptable foam that’s squishy non-stick fun! The Playfoam is easy to reuse again and again and never dries out, ensuring hours of enjoyment and creative expression. The materials are non-toxic and completely safe for your little one. With a pack of 20 in a variety of colors, this collection is perfect for parties and playdates too!
Introduce your little girl to her first trike that marries the iconic pink Barbie styling with a rugged off-road feel. The wide, stable wheel base and big foot pedals will help her feel confident as she motors around the house, sidewalk or yard. There’s a bonus storage compartment under the seat, perfect for storing a sippy cup or snacks so she’s ready to take on the day.
Let your 3 year old discover to the wonders of technology with a tablet designed just for her! A changing color screen, letter buttons and piano keyboard allow her to experiment with sights and sounds while teaching her letters, numbers and matching. A interactive laptop interface keeps her engaged with Cody the Smart Cub who will guide her through activities using the piano, pretend camera and calendar.
Grow her imagination and encourage a love for nature with this garden play set. Perfectly sized for small hands at work, this set encourages early imaginative play for toddlers. Comprised of hold-soft plastic parts that are rounded and safe for toddlers delicate hands, this set will provide all kinds of imaginative fun! Watch as she pulls parts in, out and around to develop her hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
Give your little girl her very first doll that she can hug and carry all on her own. This cushiony rag doll can travel everywhere and played with safely, due to her choking hazard-free embroidered eyes nose and mouth. Your 3 year old will love all the frilly dress details and the soft velvety fabric that is easy to clean and stands up to the wear and tear of a busy toddler’s day!
Musical Rainbow Tea Set
You and your toddler will enjoy a truly magical tea party with this set that plays 7 tea-time songs. Watch the teapot light up as it teaches your little girl counting, matching, colors and more. Realistic sounds help imagination soar for creative play-time with family and friends. She’ll master her motor skills by serving and sharing cakes, matching flavours with tea, and pretending to sip. The set comes with 2 cups, a teapot and six slices of cake for wonderful sharing fun.
These bold and beautiful Building Blocks will provide any child with countless hours of entertainment. Uniquely shaped, they are designed to develop her fine motor skills and cognitive ability. With over 120 colorful pieces, they come complete with a drawstring bag for easy storage.
Let her imagination run wild by giving her this adorable Pink Princess Play Castle. Easy to assemble, this charming tent provides a playhouse of her very own. If that wasn’t enough, the included star lights add ambiance and a hint of magic.
Pink & Purple Dump Truck
Any girl who wants to keep up with the boys will love this Pink & Purple Dump Truck. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it features working wheels and a functional dumper for added fun. Not only does it help improve gross and fine motor skills, the adorable colors are a cute twist on a classic children’s toy.
If you have a future artist on your hands, this Magnetic Doodle Board is a must have. It features multiple colors for added creativity, and erases easily so the fun never ends. The funky frame makes it easy for small hands to carry and gives it even more character.
She’ll be ready for endless adventures with this Fun Flashlight by her side. Not only does it softly illuminate the room in a variety of colors, it features educational songs, sounds, and phrases to help her learn. Charming details like the ladybug button are just the icing on the cake.
This Musical Instrument Set is a fun way to introduce any child to the joys of music. Made of nontoxic materials, it features seven different instruments that pack away into a carrying case for added convenience. These toys teach rhythm, tone, and volume while also being incredibly fun.

What should you avoid giving a 3-year-old girl? We recommend avoiding talking dolls. While fun for a while, they can become annoying in a few short days. Parents often regret buying them.

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