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15 Quality Law School Graduation Gift Ideas (+1 to Avoid)

Looking for gift ideas for an upcoming law school graduation? From fun to scholarly, we researched over 300 law-themed ideas to identify 9 must-see gifts.

A gift that your lawyer will actually use (remember, many contracts are still signed by hand even if computers are taking over), these pens add a professional touch to any desk while serving as a thoughtful reminder of you.
This is a keeper of a coffee table book, full of color photos and a well-written account of RGB’s rise to become one of America’s preeminent jurists. From her early days pioneering the way for females in law, to her more recent rise in popularity among millennial and gen z online, this wonderful book captures lessons from a truly amazing role model.
The perfect book to jump start your newly-minted law grad’s career, The Tools of Argument wins high praise for its ability to help you think like a successful lawyer. With a focus on differentiating between the “right” vs. “best’ argument, learn how lawyers are able to win even in unlikely scenarios.
This paperweight is a great gag gift idea for a new lawyer. Help your lawyer strategize with options ranging from “guilty” to “ask mom.” Made of metal, it’s fun yet quality gift that will sit on his or her desk for years.
Written in the voice of “Satan,” this witty and often funny book of advice is the perfect antidote to to the overly sentimental gifts most law types abhore. Get a leg up on your fellow grads with the trenchant tips and tricks offered in this book.
This timeless and finely crafted Lady Justice is a steal for the price, making the perfect office decoration for even the most modern lawyer. About 6 inches tall and weighing 1.4 lbs, she has great detail and is a truly quality gift idea.
While we usually avoid recommending mugs, this has to be one of the coolest and most clever we’ve come across. As the mug heats up, the winners of famous supreme court cases are revealed. Sure to be a hit at the office and a great conversation starter.
Help your law school graduate appreciate some of the finer things in life after his or her grueling schooling. This personalized set of whiskey glasses features the scale of justice, making a tasteful life-long graduation gift.
He or she survived grueling classes, excruciating exams and caffeine-fueled nights. It’s over and now it’s time to wear a badge of honor — this survivor t-shirt.
This lawyer poet magnetic poetry kit contains over 200 magnetic words relating to the legal profession. Have fun making messages, statements or notes to your family or co-workers. If your lawyer was a literature major as an undergrad, this will be especially appreciated.
While happiness can seem elusive for those in the legal profession, but many do make it into a rewarding and fulfilling career. This book is a well written guide to understanding why dissatisfaction exists and offers tangible solutions that could be the difference between a career you love and one you hate.
Your lawyer will likely be carting lots of documents around. Make it easier with this catalog luggage case, complete with room for a 17″ laptop, folders, files, and other business items. It is a great size for everyday use or as carry-on luggage when travelling.

What should you avoid vising a law school grad?

  • A gavel – This is a bit too cliche, plus it’s not clear that your lawyer will become a judge.

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