12 Gifts Your 12-Year-Old Daughter Will Love (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for the ideal gift for a tween daughter? We researched hundreds of ideas 12-year-old girls love and narrowed them down to 12 top picks.

Let your little girl create her own unique lip gloss blends with 3 colors and 2 natural fragrances that can be mixed and matched, then poured into one of 6 lip gloss rollers. Your 12 year old will love sharing these with her friends! Also note that the ingredients are also all 100% natural.
$33.62 USD
$14.99 USD
Give the gift of sweet dreams with a DIY dream catcher kit. Dream catchers are meant to catch bad dreams and let good dreams through, and your 12 year old can design her own to hang up at her bedside. The set comes with two, allowing her to keep both or gift one to a friend or sister. Everything she needs to create her own catcher is included, including hoops, yarn, feathers and more.
$12.18 USD
Let your 12-year-old explore her artistic side with an origami flower folding book. Projects range from simple to challenging and designs allow her to make everything from greeting cards to bouquets to stunning paper jewelry. The book, with step-by-step instructions also contains 180 sheets of origami paper and a DVD so she can watch and learn as she practices the ancient Japanese art of folding.
$11.99 USD
$16.95 USD
Give a gift she’ll be sure to share with her friends! This friendship bracelet kit makes up to 30 friendship and beaded bracelets. It comes with embroidery floss, square loom, 2 round looms, beads, charms and more, allowing for uncountable ways to make unique bracelet creations. Let her get inventive by choosing her own colors and patterns. This set is sure to be a hit, is perfect for birthday parties or sleepovers and promises hours of fashionable fun.
$22.99 USD
$32.99 USD
Your daughter and her friends will have tons of fun applying these metallic temporary tattoos. With less than a minute of application time, and an easy removal process, she’ll have a blast trying out over 75 delicate designs including flowers, elephants, and more. The tattoos are waterproof and non-toxic and can be worn as bracelets, arm bands, ankle charms and even in the hair.
$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD
Get your daughter excited about STEM with a coding robot that will introduce her to two ways to code. Evo the ozobot comes assembled and ready to play. As she codes, she’ll level up and can unlock upgrades like avatars and bonus games. This robot works with most iOS and Android devices and grows with your girl, tracking her STEM skills and allowing her to connect with friends.
$99.99 USD
This miniature 9 Piece Tool Kit allows her to learn skills that will last a lifetime. The authentic, heat treated metal tools feature bright pink handles and a carrying case for added appeal. With adult supervision, she’ll learn the basics of woodworking and home repairs so that she is never afraid to DIY.
$27.99 USD
If your preteen is obsessed with bath bombs, she can create her own with this Bath Bomb Laboratory. This fun and educational kit has everything she needs to create colorful, fizzy bath bombs, including an instructional booklet to walk her though the process. A great introduction to the joys of chemistry, she will enjoy bath bombs even more by knowing how they work.
$19.40 USD
$25.95 USD
Allow her to express her creativity by letting her run wild with Hair Chalk. These vibrant colors will tint her hair to perfection, while the included beads and elastics let her create a fantastic and fun hairstyle. Don’t worry, the colors all immediately wash out in just one shampoo.
$5.51 USD
$14.99 USD
If she’s always plugged in, she’s sure to love these Stylish Headphones. These noise cancelling headphones cover the ear and give her an incredibly crisp sound quality, while the included microphone allows her to take calls without skipping a beat. This colorful accessory folds up easily when not in use, making them perfect for travel.
$15.98 USD
$15.98 USD
This Caboodles Container is a convenient place to keep all of her baubles organized. The multiple trays and included mirror make allow her to store her makeup, jewelry, and more in one easy to access place. The bright colors and retro design will make her love it even more.
$19.99 USD
$14.99 USD
This Plush Bath Robe is perfect for a girls night in. Made of a plush fleece, it includes a hood, sash, and pockets for an added sense of style. The colorful patterns allow her to express her personality while indulging in an at home spa day.
$32.99 USD
$32.99 USD

What should you avoid giving a 12-year-old girl? Almost a teenager, be sensitive to things she’s in the process of out-growing such as princess gear and barbie dolls. Additionally, girls this age like to pick out their own school clothes. Don’t embarrass her with something she’ll never wear.

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