7 Gift Ideas School Bus Drivers Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a school bus driver? These often underappreciated members of the school district play an important role in ensuring kids get their education. We over a hundred ideas and narrowed them down to seven we think school bus drivers will especially appreciate.

This cheery, colorful mug will warm your bus driver’s heart. Add some candies, etc and it makes a wonderful gift.
This funny self-deprecating t-shirt is perfect for a driver with a sense of humor. It’s available in both men and women’s sizes and comes with three color choices.
$17.97 USD
$17.97 USD
This quality diecast keychain feels solid in the hand. Great for practical use as well as decoration at home. A good idea if you’re not looking for something too cutesy. They can also be purchased in bulk from some sellers.
$1.91 USD
David’s homemade cookies are melt in the mouth delicious. This variety back comes with five flavors and a smartly designed tin, making it easy to wrap or give as is. Bus drivers love treats!
$29.95 USD
$33.95 USD
Add this funny license plate frame and you’re sure to earn some friendly conversation in the parking lot. People love school bus drivers and it will make the driver happy to get some recognition.
$8.79 USD
$10.70 USD
Great for elementary school bus drivers, this ornament let’s you add his or her name to the bus. It’s a gift your driver will cherish for years to come on the Christmas tree.
$15.99 USD
$15.99 USD
This lovely keychain includes a number of helpful customization options including school age, color, and the bus driver’s first initial (included as a charm on the chain). This is a high quality gift for a special bus driver. A great year end present.
$24.16 USD
$24.16 USD