7 Perfect Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults

Seeking a fun and spooky gift idea for a Halloween house party, work event or friend who loves October 31st? We searched hundreds of ideas with adults in mind and identified seven eye-popping ideas.

Break the ice with party guests as you offer them glasses of Rat Poison, Spider Venom, Zombie Virus and more. Containing 8 uniquely terrible beverage stickers, simply apply to wine or liquor bottles to add a touch of black humor to your Halloween party or special occasion.
$3.08 USD
Any Nightmare Before Christmas fan won’t be able to resist this Jack Skellington mug. Jack’s eery face makes for a one-of-a-kind mug; a perfect Halloween or Christmas gift that is made from high-quality dishwasher-safe ceramic.
$9.80 USD
$9.99 USD
Add a gothic touch to your home with this spookily stylish skull ashtray. Perfect as a feature item for your Halloween party or as an edgy gift. Smokers will love the hand-crafted skull; a functional item that can be used well after Halloween.
$18.99 USD
$18.99 USD
It will be hard to resist the delicious aromas of Plantlife’s pumpkin spice soap. Made with fresh spices, pure essential oils and plant oils, this delightful vegan soap would make an ideal Halloween-themed gift or a fragrant addition to your bathroom.
$5.95 USD
$4.95 USD
Unleash your creative side with this collection of unique Halloween designs. Featuring 28 attractive patterns including pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and more, rest and relax as you color them in or give it as a thoughtful Halloween gift.
$7.97 USD
$7.97 USD
This wooden box has a surprise in store for its curious opener. Upon opening the box, a cheeky rubber spider pops out to startle its victim! Here is a harmless and fun prank that will bring laughter time and time again.
$19.98 USD
$24.99 USD
A classy and quirky way to identify individual wine glasses, the 6 unique charms are perfect for a Halloween function or a fun little feature of your dinner party. Complete in a black velour bag and easily fitting most wine glasses, they are an ideal gift to someone fond of wine or hosting dinners.
$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD

Did you know? The idea of Halloween dates back 3,000 years to end of harvest festivities celebrated by the Gaelics. They saw October 31st as the line between the living and the dead.